• ADUM5000


    I want to use the ADUM5000 for standalone isolation. want to ask how will I connect for PWM for connection to the RCout pin. the RCin is grounded GND. Primary 5V, Secondary 3.3V.


  • ADuM5000

    I need to have just a little more than +5 volts on the isolated side of the ADuM5000.  This to incorporated

    a LDO regulator.

    Can I employ the PWM signal line in some way to obtain +5.3V to +5.5 V at the output?


  • adum5000发烫

    我采用adum5000设计了一个电路,连续焊接了2块芯片,上电就烫手烫的厉害。数据手册上写到1和7脚,10和16脚在内部连接,但是我用万用表测量这2个引脚有40-70kΩ的电阻。我的电路如下图所示。请问为何芯片会发烫,为何1和7脚,10和16脚会有40-70kΩ的电阻。Pin 1 and Pin 7 are internally connected to each other, and it is recommended that both pins be externally connected…

  • ADuM5000 NC-pin

    Hello,I have a question about ADuM5000.

    I confirmed the following description about NC pin.

    NC: No Internal Connection (Data sheet P8).

    Pin3 and Pin 14 are connected with GND (Fig14 Recommended PCB Layout).

    Why is this connection recommended?


  • adum5000 power


    I am using adum5000. the VDD1 is supply with 3.3v. 

    I notice when i supply 3.3v to adum5000, Viso measures around 1.6v and after many seconds will increase to 3.3v?

    Would need help why this happen?

    Thank you

  • ADuM5000 DC-DC shutdown

    How do I turn a single ADuM5000 on and off from a 3.3 V digital output. Do I
    need to tie RCsel, RCin and RCout all low? Does it need to be ‘Open collector’
    with a transistor/fet?


    The ADuM5000 states are shown in Table 13 below. The…
  • ADuM5000 questions (CN-0159)

    I am looking at Analog Devices Circuit Note CN-0159, the schematic on page 2 uses a ADuM5000

    at location U2_C2. The schematic ties pin 11 ( no connect) to Viso and has the note. "DNP R10_C2

    if U2_C2 is an AduM5000". The device in this location…

  • ADuM5000 Viso oring support


    my requirement is 180 mA so can i use two ADuM5000  ? do ADuM5000  support orring of Viso output voltage.

  • ADuM5000 noise characteristics

    I wanted to use the ADuM5000 in a design for audio.

    Are there and noise characteristics for <200kHz shown anywhere ?



  • ADUM5000 noise level


    I am considering to use the  ADUM5000 Isolated DC/DC Converter to reduce the noise level in my ADC circuit whiche uses an AD7794. When powering the circuit directly from USB I observe a significant higher noise level as compared to using a lab…