• ADUM4190 design question

    Hi Sir,

    I have question regarding to ADUM4190.

    There is two schematic by ADUM4190 and use 5V with VCC_P and P+5V.

    Up one of schematic use OPA in ADUM4190 as voltage follower, Can I supply 3.3V to Gen_V for +IN than get output 3.3V from EAout?

    Below one…

  • ADuM4190 input impedance


    I have a question on ADuM4190.

    What is the input impedance of the ADuM4190?

    I want input impedance to be 22kΩ or more.

  • difference between the ADuM3190 and the ADuM4190

    What is the difference between the ADuM3190 and the ADuM4190?


    The ADuM3190 and ADuM4190 have the exact same function and performance, but the
    ADuM3190 is in the QSOP-16 package for applications where the Isolation voltage
  • RE: Can we use ADUM4190BRIZ Isolation Amplifiers for analog isolation to prevent ground loops?


    The ADuM4190 is designed for use in providing isolated feedback in isolated power supply applications, and in these closed loop applications the accuracy can be +/- 1%.

    The ADuM4190 can also be used as an isolated amplifier in an open loop application…

  • RE: Refout capacitance and slow start

    Hello Maxime - can you indicate which product you're asking about? IS it the ADuM3190/ADuM4190?

  • RE: Can I use the ADuM4190 in conjunction with a -9V/9V Power Supply?


    1. Are you asking if you can power from -9V at GND of the ADuM4190 and +9V to VDD of the ADuM4190 and do this on  both sides of the ADuM4190?  Yes, this is OK.

    2. For isolating a sine  wave voltage from the input side you need to limit the peaks…

  • ADuM4190 specification


    I have some questions about ADuM4190 from the customer.

    He is in trouble because he cannot choose what parts are suitable for his design.
    Datasheet specifies Noise,EAout and Noise,EAout2 under the condition of Figure 29. Test Circuit 3.

    1. Do you…

  • Certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for ADuM4190

    Can you provide the certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for
    ADuM4190, I can not find them on your website


    I have attached here the safety and regulatory approval certificates for
    ADuM4190. These certificates…
  • Use ADuM4190 for isolate voltage measuring.

    Hello, is it possible to use the ADuM4190 for the purpose of AC and DC voltage measurement?

    The intention is to use a circuit similar to "Figure 29. Test Circuit 3: Isolated Amplifier Circuit" to get the values of a voltage divider, the values results…

  • Non linearity issue wrt temperature in ADuM4190?

    How to get the temperature compensation output in the ADUM4190? and is it non linear?