• ADuM4122

    Hello ,

      I want to use ADuM4122 to switch loads or make shorts to GND or battery -- steady state not constant frequency--, but my question is if it can handle DC input at pin3;   

    I have simulated and it seems it works, so what is behind the ADuM to be…

  • RE: ADuM4122 evaluation Kit as SiC Mosfet Reliability Study

    thank you, Please help with following Questions as well

    > Do you have any helping document to do the double pulse test with EVAL-ADuM4121EBZ, and also please tell me if one evaluation board is enough to do the double pulse test for one SiC mosfet.

  • Please tell us about the specs of ADuM4122 → High-side to low-side differential voltage

    Hi, I would like to use ADuM4122.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am considering dual gate drivers.

    An important parameter for selection is “High-side to low-side differential voltage”.

    In the same category…

  • RE: Asking about ADUM4122ARIZ


    The ADuM4122 uses a similar data transfer as other ADI digital isolators with iCoupler(R) technology. The ADuM4122 uses inductive transfer across a polyimide barrier. The main difference between this and other data isolators is that the ADuM4122…

  • ADI 全新中文资料(2022 年 1 月)

  • 反馈、感知、控制、连接,多领域ADI智能运动控制产品大起底!

    随着经济的发展,许多机器设计应用对运动控制产品的需求增加了。根据IHS Markit 对全球运动控制市场的研究,预计全球运动控制市场从2018 年到2022年将以7%的复合年增长率增长,到2022 年将达到205 亿美元。不同的市场,有不同的期望和需求,这也迫使供应商保持适当的灵活性。对此,ADI在智能运动控制领域推出了全套的解决方案,覆盖整个制造流程,以实现更高产出,同时降低能耗,从而达到更可持续的智能制造。下图为ADI用于智能运动控制应用的解决方案。



  • 官方资料上线丨《数字隔离和接口技术选型指南2021》免费下载ing~

    “数字化”正在全球范围内掀起浪潮,推动科技如闪电般速度发展:数字医疗健康、电动汽车、 5G通信和智能制造……