• ADuM4122

    Hello ,

      I want to use ADuM4122 to switch loads or make shorts to GND or battery -- steady state not constant frequency--, but my question is if it can handle DC input at pin3;   

    I have simulated and it seems it works, so what is behind the ADuM to be…

  • RE: Please tell us about the specs of ADuM4122 → High-side to low-side differential voltage

    Hello Naohisa,

    Both the ADuM7234 and ADuM4223 have two isolated output regions. These regions are VDDA/VOA/GNDA and VDDB/VOB/GNDB. The isolated output regions are separated from the primary side with polyimide. The two isolation regions are spaced away…

  • ADuM4122 evaluation Kit as SiC Mosfet Reliability Study


    i need Information if i can Use this evaluation board for driving two mosfets, secondly the main page shows it has LTspice simulator model, but i cant find it.

    please suggest me a better evaluation board if available for my study. I also need to…