• Quiescent current for ADuM3210

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for you.

    I am studing for our power design.

    So I need the supply current for ADuM3210 when this is no communication (=0bps).


    What is your minimum current (the quiescient input supply current and the quiescient…

  • ADUM3210 Isolator Resistors, Before & After?

    I am planning to use Adum3210 isolators between 2 PIC (5Volts, 20-30khz Data Transmission) Should I use serial current limiting resistors before and after ADUM3210? OR should I use no resistor?

  • (ADuM3210/ADuM3211)Input signal specification.

    Hi !

    I have some question about ADuM321x.


    ADuM321x's input signal specification is this.

    Is there any Schmitt trigger circuit in this device?

    If ADuM32x has, can  you tell me the value of hysteresis?



    Is there AC specification for…

  • ver 1.1 IBIS model for ADuM3210

    Person in charge for IBIS model !

    Can you advise me for SIMILAR IBIS model ADuM3210 ?

    I am still waiting.

    Thanks Kaos


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked as following question.

    Do you have the ver1.1 IBIS model for ADuM3210?

    There is the…

  • How much is the input-cap? ADuM3210/3211


    I want to know the input capacitance.

    At the date-sheet , it says that the typ is 4pF.

    But I saw the Ibis-model and also saw figure5 in the application-notes(AN-715).

    C_pkg            1.00pF              0.50pF              2.00pF

    C_comp           1.00pF              1.00pF              1.00pF

    So, my understand…

  • RE: (ADuM3210/1)Do you have any concern to insert ferrite beads?

    Hi Kawa,

    Ferrites aren't required for the standard data isolators but no harm in experimenting. Good bypassing is needed for data integrity though. Can they keep the bypass capacitors closest to the ADuM3210/11 and not have the ferrites in the traces…

  • RE: IBIS data for ADUM3210ARZ ,ADUM3100ARZ ,and ADUM3200BRZ

    Hello Kaos,

    We do have models for the ADuM3210 for both 5 V and 3 V operation:

    The ADuM3200 shares the same I/O structures as the ADuM3210 and is offered in the same package, so the…

  • ADuM1201-EP

    Hi Can you get the ADuM1201 in a Mil Spec EP range like the 1200 ?

    We are in the development phase currently then going into qual approximately in
    April 2014.


    An alternative to ADuM1201 would be ADuM3211TRZ-EP. We are prioritizing…
  • RE: H-bridge with ADuM3220

    Thanks,Nikolas. it seems this could work. some minimor questions:

    1. In you schematic, why the VDD2 of ADuM3220 placed in the middle is connected to the Vbridge?

    2. Is it necessary to place a 10uF cap for the VDD2 of ADuM3220? for the half bridge driver…

  • ADuM3210TRZ-EP for mil/aero apps

    In my design, I need to use a ADUM3210TRZ. This component has an operating
    temperature range between -40°C to 125°C. Please, could you tell me if a
    version of the ADUM3210 with a extended temperature range exist? The need is
    for an aero…