• ADuM3190 FAQ: Why does the ADuM3190 have 2 Error Amp Outputs?

    Q: Why does the ADuM3190 have two Error Amp Output pins?

    A: The ADuM3190 has an EAOUT pin 6 which has an output voltage specified to 2.4V and an EAOUT2 pin 7 which is specified to 5.0V when EAOUT2 is used with a pull-up resistor to a 10V to 20V supply…

  • (ADuM3190)How to calculate the output error when we use ADuM3190 as isoAmp?

    Hi !

    Our customer are trying to use ADuM3190 as iso Amplifier.

    The important thing is the accuracy.

    So they want to calculate the total error.

    I made the document how to calculate the error so can you check the way thinking?

    I will attach the WORD…

  • ADUM3190

    Adum3190 can be used in current mode power management chip
  • ADuM3190S EAout pin


    Would like to check for ADUM3190SRQZ-RL7.

    Would like to ask when we pump 2.5V above at Pin12 +IN, Pin 7 EAout output voltage will always remain at 2.5V.

    Is there any other method or choices that EAout output voltage that can support up to 3.3V?


  • ADuM3190


    I'd like to use the ADuM3190 in a DC/DC converter project. For this purpose, I'm trying to build a simple PSpice model of the ADuM3190.

    What I need is some information about the DC transfer characteristic of this device.

    Using my Pspice…

  • ADUM3190

    During startup, output of primary amplifier (eg EAout2) is at high level when VDD2 is lower than 3V.

    How to avoid this behaviour when ADUM3190 is included in a regulation loop.

    Sartup is impossible due to the wrong information sent to PWM controller…

  • (ADuM3190)Refout

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM3190.

    One of our customers are trying to use ADuM3190 as iso-AMP.

    They said when they change the input voltage , the refout-voltage will change too.

      =>In our customers case , REFout will change 1.220 to 1.245 when…

  • (ADuM3190)About "1% accuracy"


    I have a question about ADuM3190.

    At this thread, What does the 1% accuracy of the ADuM3190/4190 include? it says

    "The 1% accuracy specification includes the use of the ADuM3190/4190 in an 
    isolated feedback loop and includes drift over temperature…

  • ADuM3190 simulation problem


    My goal is to do an isolated Flyback converter from 28V to 3.3V without an optocoupleur for the regulation. First i have simulated my schematic with the controller and the power stage without the isolated feedback ( as a regulation, i was just…

  • ADuM3190 as an isolator


    We have a device that transmits analog signals between 0 to 3.3Vs (1.65Vdc, +/- 1.65Vpp) to the ADC pins of our MCU. We want to isolate these two parts with an analog isolator that has unity gain (~1), can take 3.3Vs as supply and can reproduce…