• ADUM3151 unused pins


    I am using ADUM3151 for SPI isolation. SPI isolator is connected between controller and ADC. I am using only high speed channels. What shall I do for low speed channels?

    Shall I connect all unused pins (pin no 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14) to ground?

  • ADUM315x / ADUM3151 / ADUM3152 / ADUM3153 speedgrade question

    Hello together,

    I have a question concerning ADUM315x parts and speedgrade A and B:

    In datasheet you can find the followoing information:

    Later in technical description of the datasheet there are more detailed information;

    So my question why is speedgrade…

  • ADuM3151 Peak power consumption

    Hi there,

    We are using ADuM3151 SPIsolator  for one of our BMS application. 

    The design goes like this 

    1.The SPI communication from MCU goes to the isolator and then to the Analog front end IC (LTC6811).

    Im computing the peak power consumption of the ADUM3151…

  • RE: Why do I have a DC bias voltage when I use the Xilinx FPGA to drive the ADUM3151 MCLK pin?

    Hi andoon, 

    I don't see how the ADuM3151 could cause this. The MCLK pin is an input.

    10V on the MCLK would also exceed the datasheet absolute maximum. If that scope shot is correct, its possible the ADuM3151 would be damaged.

    Possibly this is only…

  • ADUM3151 - How  MSS signal affect output signals?


    SCLK and SI (Slave Side of ADUM3151) pins are always active? Have MSS signal any efect to SPI signals?

    Best regards




    Everything is working, the precision of the current is excellent but the problem is that it is not possible to go below 5mA.

    This kind of issue comes when there are other parts in the loop that are consuming current. The common case…

  • RE: ADUM 3151

    Hi Vineet,

    On the ADuM3151, pin 6, 7,8 are all high impedance inputs. There should be no contention issue caused by those pins. Can you share the schematics? Or is there any other device on those signal lines?



  • RE: ADuM7441CRQZ Speed issue

    The prop delay on this device is 40nS, the SPI MOSI line response has to arrive back at the controller by the next clock edge, so there is a minimum delay of 80nS between when data was clocked out and the MOSI line is ready to be read at the master, a…

  • ISOpower & iCouplers EMI issue

    We are currently developing a 6-layer PCB board to be compliant CISPR 22 class A limits with:

    - ADUM5010 with 5.8mA@5V

    - ADUM5010 with 1mA@3.3V

    - ADUM5010 with 0.25mA@3.3V

    - ADUM3151 SPI 15MHz 3.3V

    - ADUM3151 SPI 500kHz 3.3V

    - ADUM7240 / ADUM7643…

  • RE: Digital Isolator for SPI Interface

    Hi Sharvy,

    A  nominal supply voltage of 3.3V or 5.0V will power all SPIsolator Digital Isolators. The ADuM3150/ADuM3151/ADuM3152/ADuM3153 SPIsolator devices will cover your isolation requirement. The ADuM3150 device will support a SPI clock rate up to…