• RE: ADum3150 Interface with Delayed Clock

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  • ADuM3150 datasheet


    I have some question about ADuM3150 datasheet as below.

    1)  not matching 20 years and 50 years

    page 13 said that "20 year lifetime at 0.1% failure rate"

    but page 20 on Table 16 said "The value is compared to the limits for working voltage…

  • 关于ADUM3150的隔离电路SPI二次侧无波形输出


  • SPIsolator(TM) - What is a SPIsolator?

    SPIsolator(TM) are dedicated SPI digital isolators.  We've got your SPI bus covered with the introduction of these 5 new devices:

    The highly integrated ADuM315x SPI digital isolator family simplifies the design of a complete SPI digital isolation solution…

  • RE: ADE9078 reading Issue

    Hi Poovai, 

    The ADuM3150's MI channel is always driven. If there are multiple ADuM3150 devices on the SPI bus, the MI channel will need a tri-state buffer installed to prevent the different outputs attached to the same MISO signal trace from being in contention…

  • RE: EVAL-ADE9000-Shield. It stops working after few hour

    I'm not sure.. do you need to keep inserting coins to play with this eval board? Slight smile

    There is no way to disable the ADuM3150 outputs with normal operation. My suggestion would be to check for signals and power and the isolator's pin (not at the dev kit…

  • ADuM 3150 1.8V operation

    Can the ADuM 3150 work at 1.8 V ? I am presently using it to interface between an Jetson TK1 (1.8V) and ADIS 16375 (3.3V). The voltages seem to be fine and the setup works with an arduino (5V). But the output from the ADuM3150(1.8V to 3.3 V) for the jetson…

  • RE: ADuM7441CRQZ Speed issue

    The prop delay on this device is 40nS, the SPI MOSI line response has to arrive back at the controller by the next clock edge, so there is a minimum delay of 80nS between when data was clocked out and the MOSI line is ready to be read at the master, a…

  • RE: EVAL-ADUM3150z board

    Hi Torino,

    You can use an ADuM3150 to evaluate an ADuM4150. Refer to the EVAL-ADuM3150Z User Guide Geneneral Description section. Just to summarize it, the devices differ by high voltage capabilities. Plus the eval boards have no guards to keep a user…

  • SPI-to-FTDI example - adding digital isolators

            I have a question about the SPI-to-FTDI example.  This example shows how to interface the ADuCM350's SPIH port to an FTDI chip, the FT4222H (using FTDI's UMFT4222EV eval board).  I want to add the Analog Devices' ADuM3150 SPIsolator chip (4-ch…