• ADxL345 and ADuM2401


    In my application I am using ADXL345 Accelerometer.
    The Microprocessor used is C8051F120.

    At beginning of the project I used the ADXL345 directly connected to the micro (without isolation) and the accelerometer work perfectly.

    I have added some…

  • Difference between ADuM2401 v ADuM4401

    I would like to know what the difference between the ADUM2401 and the ADUM4401
    isolators. Both devices are 5 kV RMS Quad-Channel Digital Isolators?


    Yes, both ADuM2401 and ADuM4401 are 5 kV RMS Quad-Channel Digital Isolators.
  • ADuM2401 Vdd1 pull down the supply power during surge test.


    I use ADuM2401 for the isolation  between the meter IC (Cirrus 5490 ; before the bridge diode) and secondary side MCU.

    I found out that the Vdd1 (Secondary side) will pull down the 3.3V and cause the MCU shunt-down during the surge test (4KV, from…

  • RE: ADUM2401 Output rise / fall time (10% to 90%)


    We don't have the maximum rise/fall time data for ADuM2401.



  • RE: IEC60747-5-2 for ADUM2401,ADUM4223

    Hello Alex,

    The IEC 60747-5-2 standard applies only to optocoupler devices. There is a similar standard for non-optical isolators maintained by VDE in Germany called VDE V 0884-10. This standard provides a reinforced safety rating based on rigorous…

  • Current through Input pin on ADuM2401


    I am using ADuM2401 to interface with other external digital equipment. What will happen if my system is powered down while the external equipment is still turned on? There will in this case be 5V on the input pins on my ADuM2401 which may power…

  • Higer Isolation Voltage


    is it possible to get a higer isolation voltage by using iCouplers in serial?

    e.g. ADuM6401 and ADuM2401? to get an iso voltage of 8kV?



  • Can you provide any Radiated Emission test result for iCoupler?


    I would like to ask if any test result report for Radiated Emission is available for ADI iCoupler, especially for ADuM2401 and ADuM4401?

  • ADUM2401: Common mode voltage

    I have some questions about the ADuM140x, ADuM240x and other ADuM ICs.

    (A) The ADuM1401 and ADuM2401, for example, have three direct and one reverse

    (1) What channels, direct or reverse, may be under high common…
  • ADuM2401 driving long cable

    I have to drive a long cable (about 2m) with the ADuM2401 output signals,
    synchronuos transmission and low speed (1Kb/s); any driving problems (cable
    capacitance, current, ringing,...) ? Any suggestions ?


    The maximum recommended output…