• Recommandations for fixing EMC problems caused by digital isolators ("isoPower" devices family)

    Good afternoon,

    I am an electronics engineer working for the CEA in Grenoble (France) and I am actually working on the electronics of a product made for medical applications that was designed few years ago.

    We need to pass a special standard for Medical…

  • RE: ADAUM2250 VOH Parameter of side1 logic level

    Hi Malathi,

    You could consider the leakage current which is given in the ADuM2250 datasheet and leakage of other devices on the I2C bus. This should be a fairly negligible voltage drop though. 



  • RE: LTM2883

    Hi Keith,

    If you need additional bidirectional channels, you can consider the ADuM1250 or ADuM2250.

    Let me clarify the abs max though. The integrated isolated dc/dc converter of the LTM2883 can indeed provide a +/-12.5V supply. But the digital I/O cannot…

  • RE: Isolate MIPI bus with ADN4650


    Yes, ADN4650 can pass the high-speed signals. In order to pass the low power signals, a standard isolator like ADuM160N is needed, though the signal levels are 1.2V so use a level shifter like ADG3308. On the output side of the isolators, it's more…

  • RE: ADM3260

    Hi AlCarbonix,

    The short answer is that this is expected operation. The offsets prevents a logic low latch-up in the I2C isolator. This video on the ADI website gives a more detailed description. Its applicable to the ADM3260, the ADuM1250 and the ADuM2250…

  • RE: Medical I2C Isolation Product?


    The ADuM2250 and ADuM2251 are certified to IEC 60601-1. The RI package with guaranteed 8mm creepage provides the highest approved working voltage.

    FYI, a summary of all digital isolator certifications can be found on the Safety and Regulatory…

  • ADP1048 GUI working only with Aardvark USB to I2C interface?

    I have build an isolated USB to I2C interface, using the FTDI FT232H and the ADUM2250.

    Is it possible to use the GUI together with my own USB to I2C interface, to communicate with the ADP1048, or does the GUI only work with the interface from Aardvark…

  • ADuM2251 static output loading question


    I am using ADuM2250 as I2C isolator, in datasheet recommended operation conditions, it specifys static output loading of minimum 0.5mA, as attached. my question is whether or not it is necessary to maintain more than 0.5mA loading, and what will…

  • RE: Safety Rating Power limits in an ADuM240x circuit.

    Hello again, I think I need more data to be able to design a suitable protection circuit.

    Firstly, the various isolator data sheets quote a mixture of Junction to Ambient (AduM2250) and Junction to Case  (ADuM2400) thermal resistances. Then the safety…

  • RE: i2C Isolation; 3kV working voltage

    The ADuM2400 is strictly a digital device, but I2C is only digital as well.  It is just that I2C is open collector and bidirecional.  There are buffers that allow conversion from 2 bidirectional lines to 4 single direction lines. 

    There is nothing stopping…