• ADUM2250 problems


    I'm an intern at Philips in Aachen Germany. I received a PCB a month ago to troubleshoot/repair. The PCB has major design errors, I was able to repair most of them so far. 8 ADUM2250 are on board. By reading the datasheet, I noticed that the sides…

  • Adum2250 immunity issue


    I am facing problems with Adum2250 I²C isolator

    I my application, we have electromechanical relays that make Adum2250 internal detector to trig when the relay commutes

    I have attached the waveforms : 

    (BLUE) = Clock side 1 (5V)

    (PINK) = Clock…

  • AduM2250 not working

    I am communicating over I2C between two PIC24FJ microcontrollers (one as master, one as slave) with the AduM2250 in between them.  My schematic is attached.  My software works fine when i communicate between the two microcontrollers without the AduM2250…

  • ADUM2250 Working Voltage & Regulation Questions

    I'm very new to insulation standards, so I have a few questions.

    What I'm pretty sure on is our box will need double or reinforced insulation.  We will most likely be using I2C and probably will insulate the rest of the circuit from our high voltage…

  • About ADUM2250 I2C isolator logic level

    Hi there, I have concerns about connecting ADUM2250 with MCU device such as RL78.

    In case of Vdd=3.3V for RL78(MCU), ADUM2250 VoL(0.9V) is higher than ViL(0.2*Vsupply,0.66V at 3.3V) for RL78

    Please tell me if there are any good solutions to solve this…

  • About the spec of ADUM2250

    I have a question about input supply current spec.

    Does the spec change depending on data rate?

    if so what is the data rate for this current spec on data sheet(attached file)?

    Best reagards,


  • ADUM2250 VDE 0884-10 Safety Limiting Values

    I am currently designing a product which will use the ADUM2250 to isolate across Live 230Vac mains and will need to comply with EN60065 as a Class1 product

    I am trying to asses what I need to do about the safety limiting vaues and it seems confusing,…

  • ADuM2250 I2C Isolator DC Power Supply voltage level

    I am using ADUM 2250 I2C 5KV rms Isolator in my design. The VDD1 = 3.0 V DC is connected to 1st Micro controller SCL and SDA pins and VDD2 = 3.3V DC connected to 2nd Micro controller isolated SCL and SDA pins. Is it ok to use VDD1 = 3.0 V DC and VDD2…

  • Is there a way to simulate the ADuM2250 in ADIsimPE ? It only appears to have an IBIS model.

    Original Question: Is there a way to simulate the ADuM2250 in ADIsimPE ? It only appears to have an IBIS model. by PaultW

    I would like to be able to simulate the currents expected to flow into an ADuM2250 under some possible fault conditions and evaluate…

  • RE: Question of LTC4151 (I2C Isolation)

    Or can it be used as an ADUM2250?

    ADUM2250 seems to be simpler to use because it does not have power.

    Reply please.