• ADuM1420: Maximum switching frequency is given as 5Mbps in datasheet, should this be 5MHz?

    Is there an error in the ADuM1420 datasheet where it gives the maximum
    switching frequency as 5 Mbps. Should this be 5MHz?


    The units used in the maximum switching frequency spec for ADuM1420 should be
    MHz not Mbps as in the datasheet…
  • Need Help on floating point Gate Drive

    Dear Sir/madam

    Iam trying to develop a floating point mosfet drive (N - N Configuration) for Position control using ADUM1420 (I gate Driver) but i need a operating temperature of -55 degree centigrade which is not there in ADUM1420 can you suggest any…

  • RE: iCoupler clamp current


    The ADuM140E is rated for 4mA outputs.  It does not have output short circuit protection and you would need to and some limiting resistance to the output to protect it in case of a short circuit.

    The part number ADuM1421 does not come up in a google…