• Problem of ADUM1411-Low Level rise to >1V when 3 ADUM1411 was connected to MCU

    I came across a problem when testing ADUM1411.

    Every ADUM1411 connect to MCU will make the low level voltage in Vin Din of MCU (connect to VIC pin of ADUM1411) rise (The high level voltage maintain 5V). 

    When I connect 1 / 2 / 3 ADUM1411 to MCU, the low…

  • ADUM1411 with unpowered VDD1


    I'm using 12pcs. ADuM1411 in oder to drive isolated ADCs with a single SPI. In my design I connected MISO to V_OD of all ADuMs.

    The Idea was to use a transistor to power up VDD1 only when needed (i.e. when CS goes low).

    Looking at the truth…

  • ADuM1411 SPI问题


  • ADUM1411隔离问题求助?

    请问各位一个问题,我在应用中遇到这种怪现象:用ADUM1411来做ADC与MCU之间的隔离。ADC前瑞模拟信号通过LM324放大再输入ADC  TLV2542(TI的12位ADC),输出信号经过1411隔离后给单片机,通过一个电源芯片输出两组独立的电源,给1411两侧供电,都是5V,1411的GND1和ADC还有运放的地相连,VDD1侧电源也与ADC和运放相连。问题是1411会被烧坏,而且1411对前端信号干扰很大,不加1411时,模拟采集完全正常,加了1411后模拟信号跳变很厉害,完全无法通信。

  • ADuM1411隔离SPI接口问题


  • ADUM1411 SPI出现自激振荡

    各位大哥好,小弟最近搞一块数据采集板,用AD7192采集,主控是stm32,用ADUM1411做SPI的隔离,现在的情况是这样的,我对MCU这边供电,只是供电,没有接入STM32,再对ADC这边也供电,也没接入AD7192 ,现在我用逻辑分析仪测量ADC_SCLK这个引脚,出现了时序,奇怪了,不知道这是什么情况,现在的情况肯定是ADUM1411的问题了,因为我们有接入其他的硬件,求ADI的大哥们,帮忙解答一下,谢谢了!

  • How is the ADuM1411's Maximum Junction Temperature?


    How is the ADuM1411's maximum junction temperature (Tj)? 

    May I assume it is same with 0.6um CMOS (150C)?

    Thank you.


  • IEC60950-1 Certification and Test Report for ADuM1411

    Dear Sir,

    I have same request from our customer side as same as IEC60950-1 Certification and Test Report for A2 version .

    Can you please kindly share IEC/CSA/TUV Certification and Test Report for IEC 60950-1 (Standard version : A2) of ADuM1411 via mail…

  • RE: EVAL-ADuMQSEBZ as a RS485 Isolation Interface?

    Hi Juan,

    Yes, you can use the ADuM5000 and ADuM1411 with your RS-485 transceiver to achieve an isolated RS-485 node.

    Can you provide me with the part number for your RS-485 transceiver?

    I can draw you a concept sketch to show you how to connect up…

  • RE: Regarding Configuring AD5737 using SPI communication

    Hello sir,
    Thanks for your answer.

    According to schematic MCU is connected to AD5737 through ADuM1411 (as mentioned in datasheet (Rev F) page no 42 fig 65). I've verified the SPI commands are available at the output point of ADuM1411 i.e. input pins (SPI…