• AduM1402: Tristate outputs

    The used ADC has tristate outputs. Is it neccessary to use pull up or down
    resistors at AduM1402 inputs ? And if not how is the behaivior of the AduM1402
    output, if the ADC output is in high Z state ?


    Driving high impedance inputs…
  • adum1402 leakage


    When powering only VDD1(2) a voltage appears on the un-powered VDD.

    The leakage current is about 35uA.

    The voltages on each of the ADUM1402 pins are as follows -


    1, 7 - +5V1 supply

    2, 8 - GND1

    3 - 10k to GND1

    4 - driven High by uC.

    5 - uC…

  • The broken for the ADUM1402 chips


    We use two ADUM1402 to connect 74hc244 and then communicate separately with two groups of 74HC165D chips.  The QH(PIN-9) of 74HC165D is connect directely to the AUDM pins. (Attach are the schematics for reference)

    The question is that the ADUM140…

  • (ADuM1402)Magnetic force Influence(non- energizing time)

    Hi !

    I have some questions about ADuM1402.

    Our customer are using ADuM1402 at the automotive BMS application.

    At  mass production process they have to use Electromagnet.

    They want to know the Magnetic force Influence to the device.

      - Manufacturing    

  • ADuM1402:  Is there any specified or typical jitter performance?

    Is there any specified or typical jitter performance? We need to transfer a
    clock signal (MCLK) to the AD7766-2 using the ADuM1402, and this clock should
    have low jitter for optical SNR. Would the speed grade of the ADuM ('a', 'b' or …
  • ADuM1402: Can it be modified to same configuration as the I2C isolator ADUM1250 ?

    Can the ADuM1402 be used in the same configuration as the I2C isolator ADUM1250
    by making the connections on the outside of the chip instead of the ADUM1250
    which connects the inputs and outputs inside the chip on each side?


  • Help


    Could anyone tell me an alternative for AD7685 and ADuM1402 in NI-Multisim13. Also not just in multisim please help me in finding an alternative for AD7685 and AduM1402.

    Thank You

  • RE: 请大家推荐一款模拟输入,经过隔离后模拟输出的ADI芯片

    ADum1400 ADum1401 ADum1402  ADum3400/01/02  ADum4400/01/02 都可以作为参考

  • RE: Query Reagrading ADUM5402

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your advice, I am using one ADUM5402 & three ADuM1402 as per the recommendation. I am suing this isolation for RS422, so 10MBps data rate is sufficient I think.



  • MTBF/FIT data of ADuM2402

    We could not get the MTTF/FIT details for ADuM2402BRWZ on ADI web site.


    You can use the data for the ADuM1402 data which can be found on ADI website
    (they use same die, but are tested to different HV test)