• Bus with two ADUM1401

    Hi I would like create a bus SPI with two ADUM1401 and my master device.

    I use like a MISO line VOD output of each ADUM1401.

    ADUM1401  ------(VOD)-------|


                                                  |------(spi bus line MOSI)-------------master device                                          


    ADUM1401-------(VOD) ------…

  • ADuM1401的高速应用


  • ADuM1401 with 90Mbps input signal


    I want to use ADuM1401 to isolate MCU and ADC.

    The supply current of ADuM1401 is 31mA per channel when the frequency is 90Mbps, does it means the input signal current should be 31mA? As SPI driving current is several mA, how can I connect these…

  • ADUM1401使用中损坏

    我有三块板使用了 ADuM1401CRW。一边是3.3V,另一边5V,在使用过程中不知道什么原因损坏了两片,输出脚高电平(输入脚有波形)。



  • ADUM1401, ADUM5402, SPI, "three state"


    I would like to ask the following question about ADUM1401C and ADUM5402C.

    I would use ADUM1401C and ADUM5402C to interface to an SPI bus a section of a circuit which has to be isolated. On the SPI bus are connected also other two devices.


  • ADuM1401: VDD1 is on, VDD2 is off


    About ADuM1401 usage around VDD1 and VDD2.

    One customer's application has two modes, normal and backup mode.

    In normal mode, ADuM1401 both VDD1 and VDD2 are supplied 5V and 3V. There are no problem.

    But when application go to backup mode…

  • ADUM1401 spi最高速率?




  • ADUM1401 VOD goes momentarily low during power up of VDD2.


    I'm using the ADUM1401 in an application where VDD1 is up long before VDD2. VID is pulled up to  VDD2 and when I monitor this signal during startup I can see it following VDD2 as expected.

    When looking at VOD, this signal is high when VDD2…

  • maximum voltage safe for ADUM1401 inputs during power down(VDD=0V)


    The datasheet say the allowed maximum voltage on ADUM1401 inputs are VDD+0.5V.  It looks only +0.5V is allowed on inputs when VDD is down(VDD=0V).

    Could anyone pls advice whether a series resistor to limit the current into the inputs will allow…

  • ADUM1401: Is it possible to disable the refresh pulses on the iCoupler?

    Is it possible to disable the refresh pulses on the iCoupler?


    No, the refresh pulses are internal to the iCoupler devices. In the absence of
    logic transitions at the input for more than ~1 μs, a periodic set of refresh
    pulses indicative…