• ADuM1401 input

    Input D is shown as schmidt in fig 2. I have slow input rise time input signal and ouput freq is not same as input.

    What is the max rise time allowed on this input?

  • ADUM1401


    Please see customer circuit attached:

    SP_3_3V is UP before 3.3VA.

    During this time NW_ISO_56N_PS1_OFFLINE_FPGA (pin 6) is driven High (which in turn switches OFF main power supply controlled through NW_ISO_56N_PS1_OFFLINE_FPGA signal) .

    This is…

  • ADuM1401: SPI wires

    I need to reinforce some SPI communication bus.
    The point is I would like to want how long the SPI wires can be if this bus is
    isolated by an ADUM1401 ?


    It is a very simple bus, and the answer depends on the data rate. 
    They need…
  • ADUM1401功耗

    ADI官方参考设计中DAC部分隔离芯片ADUM1401CRWZ是采用AD5422的DVCC引脚供电的,AD5422该引脚功率好像只有1mA的驱动 能力,远小于ADUM1401CRWZ的功耗,请问第一:你们的板子是否经过验证;第二:SPI总线的频率是多少;第三:ADUM1401CRWZ与 AD5422的功率匹配关系。

  • I2C via ADUM1401


    is it possible to use the ADUM 1401 as I²C isolator?

    I thought about connecting pins 5 and 6 as well as 11 and 12 to realize the full duples SDA signal and achieve the same behavior as the ADUM 1251.

    thanks, Martin

  • ADuM1401: Low supply voltage

    I am using ADuM1401 in a battery powered system with two AA batteries.

    I was very surprised when the battery voltage dropped below 2.7V (exactly
    2.62V) and ADuM1401 begun to generate

    sporadically 800ns long pulses at the output VOD…
  • ADuM1401 input

    We’ve been doing some tests on above, and get considerable oscillation on output when i/p risetime is 100us or so. Please see attached screenshot: yellow trace is i/p signal, 4.9v p-p, risetime of 100us (ignore Y axis scale for signal – x10 probe attached…

  • Bus contention on ADUM1401

    We are concerned about an interval of bus contention during power-up between an ADUM1401 and a DSP processor.  During power-up, the Side 1 power supply may lag behind Side 2.  Therefore, the ADUM1401 outputs will be driven high.  At the same time, the DSP…

  • ADuM1401 output drive

    Can anyone clarify what ADuM1401 side 1 drive value is? The data sheet tells only Absolute Maximum Ratings:

    Average Output Current per Pin -18mA to + 18 mA

    There are two ways to read this:

    average/pin (3 outputs on this side) is max. 18 mA, total 54…

  • ADUM1401: I/P maximum voltage

    I want to use the optoisolator ADUM1401ARW in my design. It will be used for
    the isolation of the TXD data line of the RS232 port. Could I connect the TXD
    data line of the PC's RS232 directly to the isolators inputs?
    In many application…