• ADuM1401: SPI wires

    I need to reinforce some SPI communication bus.
    The point is I would like to want how long the SPI wires can be if this bus is
    isolated by an ADUM1401 ?


    It is a very simple bus, and the answer depends on the data rate. 
    They need to guarantee…

  • ADuM1401: Low supply voltage

    I am using ADuM1401 in a battery powered system with two AA batteries.

    I was very surprised when the battery voltage dropped below 2.7V (exactly
    2.62V) and ADuM1401 begun to generate

    sporadically 800ns long pulses at the output VOD (pin no. 6…

  • ADUM1401: I/P maximum voltage

    I want to use the optoisolator ADUM1401ARW in my design. It will be used for
    the isolation of the TXD data line of the RS232 port. Could I connect the TXD
    data line of the PC's RS232 directly to the isolators inputs?
    In many application I saw…

  • Сurrent consumption ADUM141E and ADUM1401


    The client is using ADUM1401, but he wants to change to a newer ADUM141E. But he says that AdUM141E has a higher current consumption than ADUM1401, and a lot of heat dissipation. 
    Data rate 2 MHz, continuous data transfer mode. Source of 8 channels…

  • ADUM1401: Is it possible to disable the refresh pulses on the iCoupler?

    Is it possible to disable the refresh pulses on the iCoupler?


    No, the refresh pulses are internal to the iCoupler devices. In the absence of
    logic transitions at the input for more than ~1 μs, a periodic set of refresh
    pulses indicative of…

  • ADUM1401: Can I increase max data rate to 2Mbps and will this compromise pulse width distortion spec ?

    The data sheet for ADuM1401 specifies that the maximum data rate for
    ADuM1401ARWZ is 1Mbps to guarantee a maximum pulse width distortion of 40ns.
    Could ADuM1401ARWZ support 2Mbps data rate if the 40ns pulse width distortion
    spec can be compromised…

  • ADUM1401使用中损坏

    我有三块板使用了 ADuM1401CRW。一边是3.3V,另一边5V,在使用过程中不知道什么原因损坏了两片,输出脚高电平(输入脚有波形)。



  • ADUM1401 spi最高速率?




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