• ADuM1400

    Is it possible to use ADuM1400 in IGBT transistors gate control in asynchronous
    induction motor control circuit? Will the ADuM have tolerance to EMI?


    The ADuM1400 can indeed be used from an EMI point of view.  I think the
    customer would…
  • ADUM140x failure mode (by EOS, maybe)


    A ADUM1400 has failed.

    Regardless of input voltage, only one channel outputs high level.

    The other three channels are operating normally.

    I suspect the cause is that the input voltage has exceeded the absolute maximum rating or ESD.

    Does ADUM1400…

  • RE: 请大家推荐一款模拟输入,经过隔离后模拟输出的ADI芯片

    ADum1400 ADum1401 ADum1402  ADum3400/01/02  ADum4400/01/02 都可以作为参考

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    青岛  崂山区  关注  AD7980  SAR  ADC和ADUM1400

  • RE: hex buffer

    The 4-channel ADuM1400/1401/1402 family will support the 40 MHz rate and provide noise segregation.


  • ADuM1400: Absolute maximum ratings

    We use ADuM1400 in mix 3V/5V mode. Please inform me about max rating of signal
    Ve2 relative to GND2 and Vdd2.


    Ve2 has to be greater than  -0.5 and less than Vdd2+0.5V.  These voltage are
    referenced to GND2.
  • RE: ADUM3400和ADUM1400


  • ADUM5400 and ADUM1400 EMI issues

    Hello ADI Support:

    My customer is currently designing an isolated serial card using the ADUM 5400. The PCB dimensions will be the standard PC-104 card size. Along with the ADUM 5400, They will also be using the ADUM1400 to isolate other signal lines…

  • The distance between ADUM1400 components


    can you say me are correct placed on the board? The distance between elements is measured 4mm. We will use FR4 material for PCB(1.2mm 4 Layers).



  • ADUM1400 Inputs enable behaviour

    Hi, I have found a strange behaviour in the ADUM1400BRWZ: the datasheet says the pin 7 shouldn't be connected but if I don't connect it the inputs are disabled. Then I tried to connect pin 7 first to GND1 and then change it to VDD1 to see the diferences…