• ADuM1301 Output current capability

    I am using ADUM1301; could you please provide me the output current capability
    (sourcing the current) for the pins 13(VOB) and 14(VOA).


    Page 4 of the ADuM1301 datasheet states that the test current is 4mA.
    Furthermore, the output impedance…
  • AD7688: Using with ADuM1301

    We are planing to use either AD7688 or the AD7686 A2D-Converter due to their
    excellent SNR in our application. These converters are capable of a throughput
    of 500kSamp/sec, we want to use this full speed. Thus the aquisition time to
  • [digital isolator datasheet description] ADuM1301, etc,,,


    Let me confirm about data sheet description for ADuM1301 or related devices.

    For example, ADuM1301

    On page 21, Figure 13,

    Input voltage and output voltage are specified with VDDI and VDDO.

    But each parameter include both side pins (ex VIA 

  • Difference between ADUM1301 and ADUM1311 - Pinout same?


    I believe the main differences  are speed and, resulted from that, power. 
    ADUM1301 is up to 90Mbps, whereas ADUM1311 is up to 10Mbps.

    Are there any other significant differences?
    The pin out is the same so far seen.

    That means new parts like ADUM131E1…

  • ADuM1301: Default output state on power up

    What condition will be at the output of isolator ADUM1301BRW after we apply a
    power if the level of a signal at the input is constant?


    The output state on power up depends on the state of the inputs, enable and
    VDDI, VDDO. The default…
  • RE: ADUM1301和ADUM5400通电后急剧发烫



  • When will you be applied for new IEC61010-1 3rd edition about ADuM1301/1401?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    When can we get your next model for IEC61010-1 3rd Edition as for ADuM1301/1401?

    We will use your ADuM1301 and 1401 current models.

    They models are approved for IEC61010-1 2nd Ed on your datasheet the part of REGULATORY INFORMATION…

  • The reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd for ADuM1301/1401BRWZ

    Dear Sir/Madam, maybe Dave C.



    Do you have the evidence document of the reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd?

    Otherwise can you recommend another i-coupler fit for the reinforced isolation of CAT-2 300V EN61010-1 3rd?



  • RE: iCoupler EMI mitigation

    Hello T.Kamino,

    We would recommend the newest triple channel device: ADuM131E1. It is pin-compatible with the ADuM1301, but offers improved radiated emissions performance, higher CMTI and noise immunity, and much lower propagation delay. It's also available…

  • RE: Unused channels on a ADUM Digital Isolator


    You could tie the unused input pin to ground directly or through a resistor, and could you give more details about the latch ups/ failures? It seems there are three ADuM1301s on the schematic(U4 U5 U8), did all three parts have such kind of failures…