• AduM1251

  • ADuM1251


    I need the device ADuM1251 for a new project. 

    Is there such a device which is recommended for new designs ? 


  • ADUM1251


    I would like to use ADUM1251 as a level translator too. 1 Side...3V3 logic I2C,     2.Side 5V logic I2C.     But it doesn't work. Only 3v3 to 3v3.

    On 1 side is MASTER I2C 3V3, on 2 side are 4 I2C 5V IC (D/Y, EXPANDER...)

    Where i do any mistake=error…

  • ADuM1251: Flash testing limits

    I am using ADuM1251 to cross the safety boundary mains input to touchable
    output in a switch mode power supply. As part of testing the following test
    voltages are applied:
    1.5Kv AC 2Kv Dc or 3Kv AC 4KV DC. The test period is about 3 seconds…
  • ADuM1251 shows no reaction


    in my project i'm working with an ADuM1251.

    Following picture shows my setup.

    The microcontroller is connected on PIN 2 and PIN 3. On PIN 6 and 7 four I²C Slave-Devices are connected.

    If i start my demo program, i monitoring the signals…

  • ADUM1251 IDD1,IDD2


    I have a question ADUM1251 supply current.

    Do you have a IDD1 , IDD2 (Input Supply Current Side 1,2 3.3V) minimum data ?

    If you have a data , please teach me.

    Because my customer's request.....

    Best Regards


  • ADUM1251 IDD1,IDD2


    I have a question ADUM1251 IDD1,IDD2.

    Do you have distribution data of supply current with actual data?

    It is the best if you have VCC = 3.3 V
    Data with other voltage values is okay


    Best Regards


  • ADUM1251/ADUM1250 Isolation

    I am investigating the ADUM1250/1251 devices for an I2C isolation application.

    My concern is that it appears both VDD pins are considered to be supply pins because the datasheet lists a sink current for both VDD1 and VDD2.  If both pins are sinking current…

  • Latchup with ADUM1251

    We have a design where we use ADUM1250 to isolate I2C. The data sheet implies this part is suitable for hot-swap. When we unplug and reconnect our peripheral board, we latch up most of the time (I2C activity on the host side does not appear on the peripheral…

  • ADuM1251 issue on I2C application


    I use ADuM1251 on our system.

    When I bypass ADuM1251, the i2c works look fine, please see "ADuM1251_Bypass.jpg".

    But when I add it on my i2c bus, the ACK signal will drift on both sides, please see "ADuM1251_primary.jpg" and "ADuM1251_secondary…