• RE: ADUM1250使用问题



  • RE: How to shutdown data when isoPower is disabled and prevent parasitic via SCL/SDA ESD diodes?

    Hi Patrick,

    Let me clarify since it looks like I created a bit of confusion on this point. The ADM3260 has an ADuM1250 and ADuM5010 co-packaged. 

    The ADuM1250 is designed for Hot Swap applications. The VDD2 side of the ADuM1250 can be inserted into…

  • RE: CN0349 RF interference?

    Should the same be done with the ADUM1250?

  • RE: How to use ADuM1250 with two isolated power supply 3.3V and 5V

    Hi Zeno, 

    It doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with what you have described. I'll just point out a few details of the ADuM1250...

    • I'll assume bypass caps are not shown for simplicity (It is important to have them and keep them very close…
  • Does ADuM1250 have connection limit?

    Hi Sir:

    We use ADuM1250 on our project, and the signal chain as below.

    if follow above signal chain, we can not get any ADC's data through I2C Bus. (no ACK, please see below figure)

    But if we bypass any one of ADuM1250 (ADC side), then the…

  • RE: ADM3260 side1 and side2 logic levels definition

    Hi Susan,

    There is a video explaining how and why the levels work the way they do here: Video

    And there is a short article on the drive capabilities for cables on each side of the ADuM1250 here: Article

    If the ADM3260 channel and dc/dc converter orientation…

  • how use uart communication of ADuM1250 ?


      115200 baudrate communication failed ,  use USB UART IC ( FT232R)  and  ADuM1250AZR,

      adum1250 schematic: adum1250_test.pdf


          1. how use uart(115200) communication of ADuM1250 ?

          2. Have other Interface and Isolation ICs for uart communication…

  • ADUM1250 undervoltage lockout

    I see ADUM1250 detasheet.

    I find ADUM1250 include undervoltage lockout, the value is 2.5V (P10)

    about 2.5V,

    I want to know how much difference with temperture,sample differnt

    (I understand that it is difficult to tell guarantee level,so please tell…

  • (ADM1250)Is there any possibility to loop the data?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADUM1250.

    Our customer are deciding to use ADUM1250 at BMS(automorive) communication line.

    Our customer asked us this question.


    Is there any possibility to loop the data?

    -> I think there is no possibility...

  • Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?

    Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?


    The ADuM1250 is specified to drive 400pF. A 25m line is likely to have much
    more than 400pF of capacitance (very roughly 2pF /cm so 2500*2 = 5000pF)
    A 25m line will also couple large amounts of…