• ADuM1250 side1 logic level


    I would like to connect AD5254 and ADuM1250 side1.

    When I check the logic level.

    AD5254 input level threshold seems Vih>2.4V, Vil<0.8V.

    ADuM1250 output level seems 600mV<Vol<900mV???

    I couldn't understand ADuM1250 output logic…

  • Cascade ADUM1250 I2C 400kHz

    Can I cascade the ADUM1250 on a 400kHz I2C bus?

    MCU - ADUM1250 - I2C slave1 - ADUM1250 - I2C slave2 - ...

    If so, how many times?

    Thanks, Koen.

  • RE: DRV10983 AND ADUM1250

    Hi whyzix, 

    First I want to point out that we have a video on how and why the levels on the ADuM1250 work here:

    How I2C Isolators Work

    So with the ADuM1250, the levels on Side1 and Side2 are different. Side2 is I2C compliant and Side1 is I2C compatible…

  • RE: ADuM1250  Rising edge

    Hi Gergely

    Just to explain what is happing, that voltage step on side 1 of the ADuM1250 isolator is seen as the I2C device lets the line go high. The high state has propagated back from Side 2 to Side 1 when the ADuM1250 isolator stops holding the line…

  • Isolation I2C with ADuM1250

    I used ADuM1250 to isolate I2C Bus. I have only 1 Master and 1 Slave on bus with 2

    different voltage power.

    The problem is that the ADuM made a drop in communication periodically. I saw

    that the communication is failed for a split second then it come…

  • Does ADuM1250 have connection limit?

    Hi Sir:

    We use ADuM1250 on our project, and the signal chain as below.

    if follow above signal chain, we can not get any ADC's data through I2C Bus. (no ACK, please see below figure)

    But if we bypass any one of ADuM1250 (ADC side), then the…

  • ADuM1250 failure in hot-swapping application

    My customer have a failure issue with ADuM1250ARZ - Hot Swappable, Dual I2C

    Please see follow his description:

    Until now we already assembled about 100 components, on 3 of them we found
    problem and I start concern…
  • RE: ADuM1250 compliance with IEC60001-4-2

    Hi HM,


    The standalone ADuM1250 could not tolerate 15kV air IEC ESD. External TVS devices should be added to protect the data ports from ESD stresses. Here are two TVS devices you can look at.

    1) CDSOT23-T05C may give +/-8kV contact and +/-15kV air protection…

  • ADuM1250 detect levels scale with the supply

    We are using ADuM1250 for I2C isolation in our product (for industrial
    automation). Side 1 is supplied by VDD1=3.3V and SCL1 and SDA1 are pulled up to
    the same VDD1=3.3V. Side 2 of the isolator is supplied from VDD2=5V and SCL1
    and SDA1…
  • how use uart communication of ADuM1250 ?


      115200 baudrate communication failed ,  use USB UART IC ( FT232R)  and  ADuM1250AZR,

      adum1250 schematic: adum1250_test.pdf


          1. how use uart(115200) communication of ADuM1250 ?

          2. Have other Interface and Isolation ICs for uart communication…