• ADuM1250 Side1 minimum levels

    I want to know if it is possible to connect a I2C device to the Side 1 of your
    ADuM1250 chip. The I2C device has SDA,SCL Input Logic-High (Vih) of 1.4 V
    minimum, SDA,SCL Input Logic-Low (Vil) of 0.5 V maximum and SDA Output
    Logic-Low (Vol) of…

  • ADuM1250 failure in hot-swapping application

    My customer have a failure issue with ADuM1250ARZ - Hot Swappable, Dual I2C

    Please see follow his description:

    Until now we already assembled about 100 components, on 3 of them we found
    problem and I start concern this could be…

  • ADuM1250 detect levels scale with the supply

    We are using ADuM1250 for I2C isolation in our product (for industrial
    automation). Side 1 is supplied by VDD1=3.3V and SCL1 and SDA1 are pulled up to
    the same VDD1=3.3V. Side 2 of the isolator is supplied from VDD2=5V and SCL1
    and SDA1 are pulled…

  • Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?

    Can the ADuM1250 drive a 25 metre line?


    The ADuM1250 is specified to drive 400pF. A 25m line is likely to have much
    more than 400pF of capacitance (very roughly 2pF /cm so 2500*2 = 5000pF)
    A 25m line will also couple large amounts of noise, e…

  • Suspect fake ADUM1250


    We bought some ADUM1250s from a supplier on Ali Express because these parts are critical to our products but seem to be out of stock at all reputable suppliers. While cleaning one of the chips using isopropanol we noticed all of the writing came…

  • ADuM1250:  tips to reduce power consumtion in a battery application.

    I want to use  the  ADUM1250/51 in a  battery application. Are  there  some 
    tips  to decrease  the  power in this type of application?


    The ADuM1250 consumes a certain amount of power when idle, and that can only be
    effected by removing power from the…

  • adum1250 power consumption

    Dear team,
    How to estimate the power consumption on both sides of adum1250.

  • 使用ADuM1250与ADuM1200制作Jlink隔离器是否可行?



    我的方案是:ADuM1250的SDA作为JLINK SWDIO, ADuM1200的作为RESET 控制被烧录产品RESET




  • ADuM1402: Can it be modified to same configuration as the I2C isolator ADUM1250 ?

    Can the ADuM1402 be used in the same configuration as the I2C isolator ADUM1250
    by making the connections on the outside of the chip instead of the ADUM1250
    which connects the inputs and outputs inside the chip on each side?


    No,you can not hook…