• Can a ADuM1250 be used to isolate a 5V GPIO?


    Because the GPIO can use S/W programming input or output,
    so need support bidirectional isolator.
    Can a ADuM1250 be used to isolator a digital interface 5V GPIO?
    or ADuM1250 support I2C interface only?

    And ADuM1250 side2 output current driving is 100mA…

  • ADuM1250

    When I leave one side open (e.g. pins 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8 not connected),

    can I assume that SDA and SCL of the other side are off (high impedance)?

  • ADUM1250


    I have a question ADUM1250.

    Is it possible to turn communication ON / OFF by turning ON / OFF the power supply to VDD 1 with FET?

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  • Cascade ADUM1250 I2C 400kHz

    Can I cascade the ADUM1250 on a 400kHz I2C bus?

    MCU - ADUM1250 - I2C slave1 - ADUM1250 - I2C slave2 - ...

    If so, how many times?

    Thanks, Koen.

  • RE: Is the ADuM1250 a drop in replacement for the ADum1251

    In general, yes the ADum1250 will drop right in to replace the ADuM1251.  It will not work the other way around though, the ADuM1251 cannot usually drop in for an ADuM1250.  The only difference between the ADuM1250 and ADuM1251 is that the ADuM1251 has…

  • ADuM1250 side1 logic level


    I would like to connect AD5254 and ADuM1250 side1.

    When I check the logic level.

    AD5254 input level threshold seems Vih>2.4V, Vil<0.8V.

    ADuM1250 output level seems 600mV<Vol<900mV???

    I couldn't understand ADuM1250 output logic…

  • Can a ADuM1250 be used to isolate a digital interface with a AD8557?

    I'd like to use a ADuM1250 to isolate a AD8557 digital instrument amp from the FPGA it's connected to. Is this possible or is the ADuM1250 interface only compatible with I2C devices?

  • RE: How to shutdown data when isoPower is disabled and prevent parasitic via SCL/SDA ESD diodes?

    Hi Patrick,

    Let me clarify since it looks like I created a bit of confusion on this point. The ADM3260 has an ADuM1250 and ADuM5010 co-packaged. 

    The ADuM1250 is designed for Hot Swap applications. The VDD2 side of the ADuM1250 can be inserted into…

  • RE: ADM3260 ibis model

    Hi tkwanderson,

    There is not an ADM3260 IBIS model available. For an immediate work around, the ADuM1250 and ADuM5010 IBIS models. 

    ADUM1250 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 

    ADUM5010 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices 


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