• RE: ADuM1250 compliance with IEC60001-4-2

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    The standalone ADuM1250 could not tolerate 15kV air IEC ESD. External TVS devices should be added to protect the data ports from ESD stresses. Here are two TVS devices you can look at.

    1) CDSOT23-T05C may give +/-8kV contact and +/-15kV air protection…

  • ADUM1250


    I have a question ADUM1250.

    Is it possible to turn communication ON / OFF by turning ON / OFF the power supply to VDD 1 with FET?

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  • ADuM1250 ATEX option


    Is there any plan on offering an ATEX certified isolator for I2C like the ADuM1250? I checked the ADuM144x family but the buffers needed to pass the I2C signals from one side to another consume too much power for our application.

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  • ADuM1250

    When I leave one side open (e.g. pins 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8 not connected),

    can I assume that SDA and SCL of the other side are off (high impedance)?

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  • ADuM1250 Side1 minimum levels

    I want to know if it is possible to connect a I2C device to the Side 1 of your
    ADuM1250 chip. The I2C device has SDA,SCL Input Logic-High (Vih) of 1.4 V
    minimum, SDA,SCL Input Logic-Low (Vil) of 0.5 V maximum and SDA Output
  • ADUM1250 undervoltage lockout

    I see ADUM1250 detasheet.

    I find ADUM1250 include undervoltage lockout, the value is 2.5V (P10)

    about 2.5V,

    I want to know how much difference with temperture,sample differnt

    (I understand that it is difficult to tell guarantee level,so please tell…

  • ADuM1250  Rising edge


    Our customer will use ADuM1250.

    When he evaluates ADuM1250, input signal SCL1  is 400KHz pulse from  controller.

    But,  its waveform is strange in  measurement result.

    The waveform of output SCL2 shows long rising time.

    (please refer to attachment)

  • ADUM1251/ADUM1250 Isolation

    I am investigating the ADUM1250/1251 devices for an I2C isolation application.

    My concern is that it appears both VDD pins are considered to be supply pins because the datasheet lists a sink current for both VDD1 and VDD2.  If both pins are sinking current…

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