• ADUM1234 and ADUM3221 Input Signal Rise and Fall Times


    What happens if the rise/fall time of the input signal for the ADUM3221 or ADUM1234 is longer then the recommended maximum in the datasheet?

    Will it just possibly oscillate until it reliably gets out of the hysteresis zone?

    Will it reliably hold…

  • RE: Need Help on floating point Gate Drive

    Shankar: Unfortunately, our isolated gate driver ICs are rated down to -40C and not to -55C.  The ADuM1420 is a full bridge gate driver and could instead be implemented with two ADuM1234's, which are a more current device, but are only rated to -40C. You…

  • RE: ADUM3221 voltage rating

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have attached a file with the schematic of the gate driver circuit and how they should be connected to the MOSFETs. The diagram is just a copy from a thread on this forum about using the ADuM3221 to an H-bridge.

    The 630 V…

  • RE: H-bridge with ADuM3220

    Hi Irving - You can use three ADuM3220's to drive an NMOS H-bridge, as shown in the attached schematic.  One of the ADuM3220s drives the low-side switches; the other two drive the high-side switches.  The propagation delays of the ADuM3220s will be…

  • RE: MOSFET driver without isolation for half-bridge topology

    Hello usaghi,

    For a half bridge topology, the ground of the high-side driver must be able to float relative to the ground of the low-side driver. There are many ways an IC can do this. You may have seen level shifter gate drivers in the past, but we…

  • Need help in designing H Bridge using ADUM7234

    I am designing a H Bridge circuit using ADUM 7234 (Isolated Half Bridge Driver) using the application note "Inside iCouplerRegistered Technology: Driving an H Bridge with ADuM3220 Isolated Gate Drivers" in the above application note i have not understood why…

  • RE: High Voltage High Frequency H-Bridge

    cmjosak: The limit on switching frequency for the ADuM7234 and ADuM3220 is about 1MHz, and will be also limited by the power dissipated by the part determined by the switching frequency and amount of gate charge and voltage, which is shown for various…

  • Certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for ADuM4190

    Can you provide the certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for
    ADuM4190, I can not find them on your website


    I have attached here the safety and regulatory approval certificates for
    ADuM4190. These certificates will be posted…

  • 数字隔离器产品选型与资源指南(2014年春季版)

    数字隔离器产品选型与资源指南(2014年春季版) by adiadmin


    • 单通道和多通道数据隔离器

    • 集成隔离电源的数字隔离器:isoPowerRegistered

    • USB隔离器

    • 隔离式栅极驱动器

    • 开关稳压器

    • I2C数字隔离器*

    • 隔离式CAN收发器

    • 隔离式RS-485收发器

    • 隔离式RS-232收发器

    • 隔离式Σ-Δ调制器


  • Value of Clearance and creepage


    Our customer will use ADuM6402.

    Could you give me your advice what do below difference of value of clearance and creepage  mean ?

    VDE document downloaded on your web site says below.

    Clearance: Over 8.5mm

    Creepage: Over 8.5mm

    (Please refer…