• ADuM1201-EP

    Hi Can you get the ADuM1201 in a Mil Spec EP range like the 1200 ?

    We are in the development phase currently then going into qual approximately in
    April 2014.


    An alternative to ADuM1201 would be ADuM3211TRZ-EP. We are prioritizing the

  • ADuM1201 jitter

    One customer would like to transmit the 100Hz clock by isolated RS-485. They
    need less than 100 ns jitter for this 100Hz clock. I suggest 2 solutions for
    them. The first one is ADuM2483, the second one is ADuM1201 + RS-485
    transceiver (ADM483E…

  • ADUM1201 suitable to work in CAN Bus?

    Could you please confirm this part,  ADUM1201WURZ, being suitable to use in CAN


    In principal it will work - it is depending on the speed on the CAN Bus and the
    length of the CAN Bus. The issue is the propagation-delay-time at the…

  • 4kV接触放电时ADUM1201会导致电流变大




  • 关于ADUM1201只有一边供电的情况下,芯片会损坏么?

           我采用了ADUM1201作为串口隔离,主边为MCU,由MCU电源供电;副边为USB转串口,由USB供电,TTL电平。 现在可能的情况是,我的设备可能开机了,但是没有连接USB;也有可能我USB连接了,设备没有开机的情况,而且这种情况时间会很长。





  • ADUM1200 AND ADUM1201 supply voltage


        i want to know the suplly voltage of adum1200 and adum1201,if they can work on 5V and 1.8V.

  • ADUM1201单总线隔离



  • RE: ADuM1201 Invalid Output State

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