• ADuM1201-EP

    Hi Can you get the ADuM1201 in a Mil Spec EP range like the 1200 ?

    We are in the development phase currently then going into qual approximately in
    April 2014.


    An alternative to ADuM1201 would be ADuM3211TRZ-EP. We are prioritizing…
  • ADuM1201 jitter

    One customer would like to transmit the 100Hz clock by isolated RS-485. They
    need less than 100 ns jitter for this 100Hz clock. I suggest 2 solutions for
    them. The first one is ADuM2483, the second one is ADuM1201 + RS-485
  • ADuM1201 working voltage


    My customer is using ADuM1201 now, we are confused about working voltage spec. In datasheet table 14 (as attached), there is "functional isulation" & "basic insulation" specified, my question is what is different between "functional isulation…

  • ADuM1201 Invalid Output State


    I am using an ADuM1201 to isolate a serial interface between grounded and line referenced circuits.  Occasionally the output state of the grounded side output from the ADuM1201 (pin 2) goes into an open state, neither driving hi nor lo.  The only way…

  • Bidirectional communication of ADuM1201


    It required a high-speed bi-directional data transfer (> 18MBit /s).I had planned to use ADuM1250AZR, but its maximum speed 1Mbit/s.

    whether instead of such an electrical circuit

    use such a

    Is it possible to use ADuM1201 in this way…

  • ADUM1200 AND ADUM1201 supply voltage


        i want to know the suplly voltage of adum1200 and adum1201,if they can work on 5V and 1.8V.

  • ADUM1201单总线隔离



  • ADUM1201 suitable to work in CAN Bus?

    Could you please confirm this part,  ADUM1201WURZ, being suitable to use in CAN


    In principal it will work - it is depending on the speed on the CAN Bus and the
    length of the CAN Bus. The issue is the propagation-delay…
  • ADUM1201损坏原因需支持分析


  • 4kV接触放电时ADUM1201会导致电流变大