• ADuM1200: Supply current

    how looks the supply current during a ricing edge of the input signal?? is
    there any spike to expect??


    The ADuM1200 only draws significant current from the supplies at each logic
    transition. This is why the Idd1, Idd2 vs frequency curves are…

  • ADuM1200: What is the input impedance of a single channel?

    What is the input impedance of a single channel of the ADUM1200?


    The input impedance is not specified. Only input current is specified (worst
    case +/-10uA)

  • ADUM1200/ADUM3401: Compliance with 3rd Ed IEC 61010-1 certification (2014)

    The  standard IEC61010-1 is changing in Jan 2014, one of the requirments is
    that the test voltage is changing from  2.5KVac to 3KVac. The Test voltage for
    the device ADuM1200, ADuM3401 is OK today to Edition 2 IEC61010-1,  but moving
    forward to Edition…

  • 使用ADuM1250与ADuM1200制作Jlink隔离器是否可行?



    我的方案是:ADuM1250的SDA作为JLINK SWDIO, ADuM1200的作为RESET 控制被烧录产品RESET




  • ADuM1200 drive MMBF170L mosfet


    My original designing use 5V optocoupler to finish the isolation function, optocoupler output drive the MMBF170L mosfet at ON or OFF state with very low frequency.

    Now, I feeling ADuM1200 chip also can finish the same function, the better thing is…

  • ADUM1200 AND ADUM1201 supply voltage


        i want to know the suplly voltage of adum1200 and adum1201,if they can work on 5V and 1.8V.

  • ADuM1200/1201 glitch on power up/down

    We've been using the ADuM1200AR and 1201AR for a while now.  They often produce a small glitch when the output side is already powered up and the input side power is ramping up or down.

    I noticed the ADuM1280/1281 should be drop in replacements but…

  • RE: ADuM1200 / 1201 hysteresis specification

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