• Noise filter on power line for ADuM1100

    Dear Sir.Madam,

    I have a question for your ADuM1100 i-coupler,

    Our customer is proceeding to pwb design to use ADuM1100.

    So as for the power supply,

    Should we put the LC filter on the power-line for switching noise reduction like return back to power…

  • ADuM1100 vs ADuM110N


    ADuM110N is suggested as a pin2pin replacement for ADuM1100.

    The first one seems to have a feature which is not mentioned in the second's DS: fail-safe output.

    Does ADuM1100 provides any mechanism of setting the outputs to a certain value…

  • ADUM1100: Different supply voltage

    Could I applied different supply voltage (ex. Vdd1=5V & Vdd2=3,3V) on ADuM1100?


    Although the units work at the voltages you describe, we have concluded that we
    cannot guarantee such performance over all temperature, supply voltage,…
  • ADuM1100: Disfunction - burning out

    We use ADuM-1100 iCouplers. Some of them burn out. They are pumping current
    from output supply. Can you tell me what can be the cause of this problem ?

    We tough to a too high output current (1mA). Is it possible ?


    There are a few things…
  • RE: ADuM1200 drive MMBF170L mosfet

    Also Weidong, the ADuM1100/1200 are older generation products. The latest generation is ADuM110N (1-ch) and ADuM120N (2-ch). They are more cost-effective and have better performance and robustness.

  • :ADI年度贺岁片——ADUM1100数字隔离器使用心得和经验

    :ADI年度贺岁片——ADUM1100数字隔离器使用心得和经验 by maxhusky





  • ADUM1100 CMTI测试方法和测试设备

    请问,数字隔离器ADUM1100 CMTI是如何测试的,需要用到那些测试设备,谢谢?

  • :ADI年度贺岁片——ADUM1100数字隔离器使用心得和经验






  • ADuM1100 glitch filter window vs. very narrow pulses

    Problem description:

    I have found that narrow pulses of about 5ns cause the output to respond to
    only one edge and produce a pulse of many hundreds of nanoseconds until the low
    frequency path corrects it.

    It happens on both polarities…