• ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101

    Original Question: ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101 by Ivan-Rusov


    I can't find ADRadioNet stack for ADuCRF101 on the web. Previous link http://www.analog.com/ru/dsp-software/adradio-net/sw.html does not work.

    Could you please provide the latest version…

  • ADuCRF101 demodulation principle?

    Original Question: ADuCRF101 demodulation principle? by ADI_Wei


    May I know the ADuCRF101 demodulation principle?

    Thanks and best regards,


    Verified Answer: RE: ADuCRF101 demodulation principle? by NagarjunaG


    The ADuCRF101 is an integrated ARM…

  • FAQ: ADuCRF101 antenna information


    Does ADI have any antenna or PCB recommendation reference available for the ADuCRF101?



    The antenna is the heart of any wireless system; it gives the wireless system three…

  • ADuCRF101 analog wake-up

    Hello All,

        I have seen analog-based interrupts used on other microcontrollers. Particularly, I saw an application that would wake-up the microcontroller if a Passive IR sensor voltage was found to have changed quickly. Is this functionality available…

  • aducrf101 communication protocol

    I would need to know the communication protocol aducrf101 to use in creating an interface in LabWindows CVI

  • ADUCRF101 - Preamble settings

    Hi All,

    I will like to find out if ADUCRF101 can support the below following :

    1.     ADUCRF101 has a fixed preamble sequence of 0x55. Can we customised it to something else like 00110011 or 10101010 etc?

    2.    The preamble length can support up to 255 bytes…

  • Programming the ADuCRF101

    What is the best way to program the ADuCRF101? I am looking for some sort of IDE that I don't have to pay a lot of money for.

  • ADUCRF101 data encryption

    Is there any data encryption support in ADuCRF101?

    Somewhere I noticed something about native (HW) AES 128 data encryption.

    I can't find any data encription support in radioeng API.

    (Manchester data encoding is not , what I need for encryption…

  • GPIOs in ADuCRF101


    We are working with ADuCRF101 (microcontroller + transceiver) and PIR sensor. The PIR sensor has a digital output of 3V. We want to introduce this digital signal in one available pin (for example P0.0). Then, we want that print a "1" in the screen…

  • ADuCRF101 Memory Retention

    I notice the ADuCRF101 datasheet specifies only 10 year memory retention, but reading in more depth that this is based on a Tj of 85degC & the retention derates with temperature. Do we have any data/graphs showing what we can expect at more conventional…