• ADuCRF101

    1. for ADuCRF101, the frequency bands, 862 MHz to 928 MHz and 431 MHz to 464 MHz, so for 862MHz to 928MHz, how do I configure RF frequency to 868MHz or 915MHz, software or hardware configuration? where can find more detail info

    2. For PA , there are…

  • ADuCRF101


    I would like to know what the min wake up period for ADuCRF101?

    e.g In the Application, I need to CPU active for 10ms, sleep mode for 90ms, so the wake up period is 100ms, in case of wake up the chip from sleep mode, it may using RTC clock to interrupt…


    That program I can use to make a GUI for the easiest way possible, with microncontrolador ADUCRF101?

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  • ADuCRF101 decoupling capacitors


    Are there general requirements for the decoupling capacitors on IOVDD like there are for many other pins on the ADuCRF101 (see the datasheet)?

    Does the ADuCRF101 really need 8 decoupling capacitors in parallel? Instead of having 4 0.1 uF caps and…

  • GUI ADUcrf101

    Tengo que hacer una GUI con ADUCRF101, ¿qué programa me recomiendan? Y que los productos:? USB, serie, ¿Qué es el protoclo de comunicaion son de 8 bits que significa que cada bit?

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  • Aducrf101 PWM


    I want to use the PWM0 like a analog output (with a filter after the microprocessor output), but I can't get it to work. At this moment I am using this example code; someone can give me a clue? I can't find any examples of a PWM working fine.…

  • ADuCRF101 1kHz interrupt

    Hello, sorry for asking a very basic question. Can someone give me a piece of sample code in C language of generating 1 kHz interrupt in ADuCRF101? The part is operating off 16MHz system clock frequency. I need to trigger an off-chip event at 1 kHz. I…

  • ADUCRF101 RF distance

    ADUCRF101 RF distance very short, only 30cm.

    I want to make a system with two EVAL-ADUCRF101MK3ZU2, transmitter and receiver. With the problem I don't know which parameter I should refer to.

    Transmit code 


      unsigned char data[12]={"123456789012…

  • EVAL-ADUCRF101 add sensor


    I'm using the EVAL-ADUCRF101 sensor kit and would like to know if it's possible to change the bunch wsn boards in order to connect them to another ADI sensor by UART for example and then send both sensors' data to the center point? I have hex files…

  • ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101

    Original Question: ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101 by Ivan-Rusov


    I can't find ADRadioNet stack for ADuCRF101 on the web. Previous link http://www.analog.com/ru/dsp-software/adradio-net/sw.html does not work.

    Could you please provide the latest version…