• RE: ADIS16210

    Absolutely!  The ADuCRF101 would be a good place to start.

    Please see the ADuCRF101 product page at this link: www.analog.com/ADUCRF101

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  • ADuCRF101


    I would like to know what the min wake up period for ADuCRF101?

    e.g In the Application, I need to CPU active for 10ms, sleep mode for 90ms, so the wake up period is 100ms, in case of wake up the chip from sleep mode, it may using RTC clock to interrupt…

  • ADuCRF101

    1. for ADuCRF101, the frequency bands, 862 MHz to 928 MHz and 431 MHz to 464 MHz, so for 862MHz to 928MHz, how do I configure RF frequency to 868MHz or 915MHz, software or hardware configuration? where can find more detail info

    2. For PA , there are…

  • ADuCRF101 demodulation principle?

    Original Question: ADuCRF101 demodulation principle? by ADI_Wei


    May I know the ADuCRF101 demodulation principle?

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    Verified Answer: RE: ADuCRF101 demodulation principle? by NagarjunaG


    The ADuCRF101 is an integrated ARM…

  • RE: Can ADUCRF101 work in 403 MHz MICS band?

    The ADuCRF101 operates in the following frequency bands only: 862MHz to 928MHz and 431MHz to 464MHz.

    403MHz is not supported by the ADuCRF101.

  • ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101

    Original Question: ADRadioNet for ADuCRF101 by Ivan-Rusov


    I can't find ADRadioNet stack for ADuCRF101 on the web. Previous link http://www.analog.com/ru/dsp-software/adradio-net/sw.html does not work.

    Could you please provide the latest version…

  • RE: wireless output from 3-axis MEMS accelerometer

    Just a quick FYI, the ADuCRF101 is not relased yet, but if/when it is available for purchase you should see the pricing table appear at the bottom of the ADuCRF101 product page.

  • RE: aducrf101 communication protocol

    Currently the ADuCRF101 mini board is connected to a USB to UART adaptor to directly plug into a PC or laptop and provide supply and UART communication.

    From the Labview software, you can communicate with the ADuCRF101 via the USB to UART adaptor.

  • ADUCRF101 SPORT Mode Example Code?

    I was wondering whether there is any example code available for receiving using the SPORT mode of the ADUCRF101.

    Also I'd like to verify that this (Analog Microcontrollers) is the right place for questions/discussions about the ADUCRF101.