• Fail to use ICE-2000 in CCES 2.11.0 for ADuCM4050

    After 3 years of proper work with the ICE-2000 on a custom circuit with the ADuCM4050, came a period of several weeks in which the ICE-2000 connectivity becomes more and more difficult (=it did not work many times) and then it completely stopped functioning…

  • RE: ADuCM4050 Flash Erase Failing

    We resolved this issue by adding a mass erase command to the reset-init routine in the ADuCM4050 TCL script which is installed with the ADuCM4x50 Device Family Pack at:

    C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.2\ARM\packs\AnalogDevices\ADuCM4x50_DFP…

  • "How can I use the ITM (SWV) feature in ADuCM4050?"

    The ADuCM4050 ultra low power microcontroller, supports several debug features including a full flash patch and breakpoint (FPB) unit with up to six hardware breakpoints. It also supports Instruction Trace Module (ITM), with trace supported over a single…

  • How to Interface ADuCM3029 and ADuCM4050 with ICE-2000

    The Analog Devices ICE-2000 emulators facilitate the creation, test, and debug of advanced applications on Analog Devices Processors including ADuCM3029 and ADuCM4050.Working in tandem with the CrossCore® Embedded Studio development environment, these…

  • aducm4050

    aducm4050 keil的固件库包在aducm哪下载?不是keil的软件包

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  • aducm4050

    aducm4050 的例程在哪下载,开发环境mdk5

  • Receive data in UART0 and send data out through UART1 in ADuCM4050

    The goal is to receive continuous data over UART0, parse that data, store the parsed data in memory and then retrieve the parsed message and re-package it and send that processed data out through UART1 on ADuCM4050.

    Where do I start? What examples should…

  • Segger J-Link EDU and ADuCM4050 (EV-COG-AD4050LZ) Debugging Help

    Hi all,

    I'm developing a custom board with the ADuCM4050 as the processor, and using the EV-COG-AD4050LZ to develop the firmware for it. I could view debug output fine using adi_uart_write when connecting to the EV-COG via USB and programming with a Segger…