• Aducm jlink errror ADUCM360

    Aducm360 while reflashing it shows the error check aducm jlnk id it fails ,and register string 0x40004024 not found error cames

  • RE: Migrating from ADuCM360/1 to 362/3


    The ADuCM360/1 and ADuCM362/3 are not software compatible so the same code can't be used to program both families without recompiling and changing some parts of the code.

    As the code needs to be recompiled for both families, the easiest way to…

  • ADUCM360/361: Configuring unused ADC inputs

    I have some unused ADC inputs and GPIO pins that are not used in my design. 
    How should I
    configure these pins to minimize current consumption?


    ADC inputs - tie these directly to ground. The leakage current on the analog
    pins is…
  • ADUCM360/361: Memory-to-Memory DMA transfers

    Are memory-to-memory DMA transfers supported on the ADuCM360, and ADuCM361?


    Yes, memory-to-memory transfers are supported on ADuCM360 and ADuCM361.

    Any of the dedicated DMA channels can be used for this type of transfer i.e.
  • ADUCM360/361: Convert ADC reading to voltage

    Please explain how I convert an ADC reading to a voltage value? Please give an
    example for  G=1 and also for G=8.


    Calculating the voltage from the ADC reading is very simple and requires very
    few CPU instructions.
    Also, there is no…
  • ADUCM360/361: Differences between Serial Wire Debug and JTAG

    On the ARM7 based ADuC devices, debugging and downloading to Flash was via
    JTAG. On the
    AduCM360, JTAG is replaced with Serial Wire Debug.  What are the differences
    between Serial
    Wire Debug and JTAG? Do I need to get new tools, new…
  • ADuCM360

    Hi all,

    I  am using ADuCM360. Do you know mcu's pins out of reset condition? I have already looked at the user guide but I could not find that information. Anyone who knows the configuration, I would love to know.

    Thanks a lot

  • ADuCM360 VDAC interpolation mode

    We need to revise the datasheet to relax the INL spec for VDAC interpolation mode.(Relative accuracy).


    Some background:

    When interpolation mode is selected, the VDAC output is “dithered” between 2x codes.

    An external filter is required to…

  • ADuCM363 vs ADuCM360 - Libraries files


    I am unfortunately not able to find good src files for the ADuCM363 such as the I2C or SPI libraries. So I have found better files examples for the ADuCM360 and I would like to know if I could use them with the 363 or if they are completely different…

  • ADUCM360/361 ADC input or external reference short/open detection

    Can an open/short on an ADC input or external reference input be detected?  I
    want to be  sure that wiring issues can be detected in my application.


    The ADuCM360/361 provides 2x 50uA diagnostic current sources.  When switched
    on, these current sources…