• ADuCM355 and EVAL-ADuCM355 - issues with 4-electrode sensor

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to run an M355_ECSns_DualWE example on an EVAL-ADuCM355 board. I adjusted RTIA values, load resistors (RLOAD) and Bias. Jumpers on the eval board are shorted as well (picture below). 

    pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.LpTiaRf = LPTIARF_400K;…

  • ADUCM355 Fifo threshold


    I have tried out the example M355_ECSns_SingleWE, which is working fine so far. Now i want to change the number of measurements, so i changed the pAmpCfg->M355FifoThresh = 10; in the AD5940Main.c. A threshold value of 8 or 9 works as expected,…

  • ADuCM350/ADuCM355


    I have one doubt related to EVAL-ADuCM350/ADuCM355 board. Instead of buying whole evaluation kit, can I buy only AFE board and interface with Arduino?

    If yes please give me any reference document.

    What is the difference between ADuCM350/ADuCM355 and…

  • aducm355 Rtia capcitor

    RC0_0 RC0_1 Datasheet recommends 100nF。Can I change it to 1pF。Because the smaller the TIA capacitor, the higher the cutoff frequency.

  • RE: ADUCM355

    Does ADUCM355 implement ohmic drop compensation?

  • RE: ADUCM355

    Vzero can be assigned from 0.2V upto 2.366V (value that ensures 600mV minimum headroom between AVDD and Vzero).

  • ADuCM355 internal temp sensor transfer function

    I'm finding that the published transfer function in the data sheet on page 61 is not correct. Not even close.

    (TEMPSENSDAT0/(PGA Gain × K)) − 273.15

    where K = 8.13 and PGA Gain = 1.5

    Can I get a transfer function that actually works?

  • Aducm355

    When the three-electrode system uses Aducm355 for anodic voltammetry enrichment, the design working electrode relative reference is -1.3V. It was found that, in practice, the enrichment efficiency was very poor. My internal switch state is a reference…

  • Differential pulse voltammetry on ADuCM355


    I'm developing a DVP code based on https://ez.analog.com/dsp/f/q-a/550406/differential-pulse-voltammetry-on-ad5941 and I'm having two questions:

    1. I can adjust the frequency on M355_SqrWaveVoltammetry example without problems and I can…

  • ADuCM355 Hibernation mode

    Hello - Is it possible to continue to operate the PWM module whilst the ADuCM355 is in in Hibernate Mode e.g using LFOSC as the driving clock etc