• Where can i get EVAL-ADuCM355 and the ADuCM355


    the EVAL-ADuCM355 is not available from distributors in Germany. Where can i get it?

    When will the AduCM355 single chip will be ready to order?

  • ADuCM355.icf, Question about Linker File (ADuCM355)

    Dear member,

    Thank for your support.

    Now, I review EVM AduCM355 with reference code example + my own application.

    But, application size over... having linker error.

    49'406 bytes of readonly code memory
    17'216 bytes of readonly data memory (+ 11 absolute…

  • ADuCM355

    I want to ask about the impedance measurement range of aducm355. I saw in the introduction at the beginning of the document that it is <1-10MΩ,

    but in the parameter table below(page 7), it is only 10000Ω, which is 10KΩ. 

  • RE: ADUCM355


  • ADuCM355 application in electrochemical with ZRA


    We are working on an application to measure cyanide content in the water. We would like to measure it with ZRA technique. Is it possible to achieve this with ADuCM355 because I haven't got any information about ZRA in ADuCM355 datasheet


  • ADuCM355 serial number details

    We are currently developing a sensor based on the ADuCM355. Each sensor needs a unique ID so we decided to read the 16-byte / 128-bit serial id. Unfortunately our host system only has room for 32-bit sensor id's. Now we noticed that of the 128 bits some…

  • RE: ADUCM355 Field FW Download

    You may have two EEPROMs each having different FW, mounted on your board.

    The EEPROMs maybe mapped to User Bootloader location of ADuCM355 Flash memory. (Note: The user bootloader is placed in the first 8 kB of user flash.)

    Based on switch settings, one…

  • ADuCM355 FAQ

    Q1. Where do I download the Evaluation Software for the evaluation kit from?

    A1. The evaluation software can be downloaded from the following link:

    On release it will be available from the product page

        • FTP Location: ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter…
  • ADuCM355 ADC Calibration

    I'm getting a gain calibration value that's way off.

    I'm using the calibration routine in the example "M355_HPRTIA_Calibrate_Test.c".

    Before calibration, the ADCGAINGN1 register value is 0x4000. After calibration

    the value is 0x1924…