• Where can i get EVAL-ADuCM355 and the ADuCM355


    the EVAL-ADuCM355 is not available from distributors in Germany. Where can i get it?

    When will the AduCM355 single chip will be ready to order?

  • ADuCM355.icf, Question about Linker File (ADuCM355)

    Dear member,

    Thank for your support.

    Now, I review EVM AduCM355 with reference code example + my own application.

    But, application size over... having linker error.

    49'406 bytes of readonly code memory
    17'216 bytes of readonly data memory (+ 11 absolute…

  • ADuCM355

    I want to ask about the impedance measurement range of aducm355. I saw in the introduction at the beginning of the document that it is <1-10MΩ,

    but in the parameter table below(page 7), it is only 10000Ω, which is 10KΩ. 

  • Disable UART wires on mIDAS-Link debugger when connecting to ADuCM355

    Is it possible to disable the 2 UART wires on mIDAS-Link debugger, and only use SWCLK & SWDIO, when connecting to ADuCM355? What settings would get this done? And will mIDAS-Link lose any features by not using UART for debugging connection?

    In my application…

  • aducm355


  • ADUCM355


  • RE: AducM355 : Download -over-UART


    Could you ensure that the steps mentioned in  AN-2058: ADuCM355 User Bootloader | Analog Devices are followed, and tell if you still face problems?

  • ADuCM355 FAQ

    Q1. Where do I download the Evaluation Software for the evaluation kit from?

    A1. The evaluation software can be downloaded from the following link:

    On release it will be available from the product page

        • FTP Location: ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/MicroConverter…
  • ADuCM355 writing to Flash memory

    Do I have to manually erase a page of flash memory before writng to it or does the flash controller do the erase automatically when it carries out a write operation?


  • ADuCM355 impedance measurement

    Hello, ADuCM355 is the combine of AD5940 and ADuCM3029 right?
    I've checeked the web and just found there is EVBs for  electrochemical sensors, do we have ADuCM355 EVB for bio-impedance measurement?