• ADuCM350 FAQ ADuCM350 Evaluation Kit

    Q: What does the ADuCM350 Evaluation Kit contain?


    • Eval-ADUCM350EBZ motherboard. This board provides access to all of the pins on the ADuCM350. There are a number of different options for power, connectivity and IO.


    • USB-SWD/UART-EMUZ emulator board…
  • ADuCM350


    Do you have a working link on Step 1 of this document?

     How to get SDK + Eval-ADuCM350EBZ Working together. 

    Thank you!

  • ADuCM350/ADuCM355


    I have one doubt related to EVAL-ADuCM350/ADuCM355 board. Instead of buying whole evaluation kit, can I buy only AFE board and interface with Arduino?

    If yes please give me any reference document.

    What is the difference between ADuCM350/ADuCM355 and…

  • ADuCM350 external interrupt

    I was trying to set a external IRQ with ADuCM350 Eval Board at pin 3.4. 

    I have set the main function as follows: But I could not register a interrupt. Can somebody help.

    PinMap led2 = {ADI_GPIO_PORT_2, ADI_GPIO_P21, ADI_GPIO_PIN_1};
    PinMap but2 = {ADI_GPIO_PORT_3…

  • ADuCM350 external IRQ flag

    Can anyone clarify the exact the external IRQ status flag? I went through the hardware reference manual but was not able to figure out the exact which register is the external IRQ status flag

  • EVAL - ADUCM350 - DAC


    I would like to use DAC of ADuCM350 to generate a signal  which is output of an array. In addition, I want to obtain the raw data of the ADC. I would appreciate it if you could provide routines for these operations.


  • ADuCM350 FAQ System Clocks

    1. What are the different clock sources in ADuCM350?

    >> There are 2 high frequency sources - an internal HFOSC and a HF XTAL both of 16MHz.

         There is an internal LFOSC and a LF XTAL of 32KHz as low frequency sources.

          There is also a system…

  • ADuCM350 FAQ System Integrity

    Q: Is there any detail on System Integrity of device ?

    A: Please refer to apps note AN-1263 in Design Documentation.

    Q: How do I tell the embedded microkernel to check the integrity of flash page 0?

    A: By default the embedded microkernel checks…

  • ADuCM350 FAQ GP Timers

    Q. What is the reference clock for the GP Timers?


    • The clock source for GP Timers can be HF_CLK,PCLK,LF_CLK or LF_XTAL which is programmable.
    • The GP timer modules can get starved of clock if the clock source mux is set to a clock that is not (or…