• ADuCM350 SDK v2.4.0.0 Released!

    A new version of the ADuCM350 Software Development Kit (SDK) has been released. The installer has been posted to the ADuCM350 Product Page on analog.com. Please follow the link for "ADuCM350 Software Development Kit". Registration is required to download…

  • RE: ADuCM350 IELF error: program stuck at oscillator stabilization


    Can you try to re-install the ADuCM350 examples on C:\Analog Devices\ADuCM350...

    Then re-do your code from this location... maybe just copy the c files into the folder and then rebuild the code 



  • RE: Internal resister of ADuCM350 BOOT pin


    ADuCM350 has internal pull-down resistor and it's 20kOhm typically. Please refer to ADuCM350 Datasheet.



  • RE: Hello. Where can I find a socket for the ADUCM350? Thanks.


    We are not selling a socket for ADuCM350, but if you check for a socket online that will fit with the ADuCM350.


  • ADuCM350


    i am using ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation board Development kit for impedance measurement and i used IAR workbench for programming but in 4 wire configuration i am not getting accurate phase result can any one guide me what i do for getting accurate phase…

  • ADuCM350

    I'm new to ADuCM350, just ordered eval board. Maybe can answer my own question when it shows up BUT here goes:

    Is it possible to measure a lower range of bio impedance, say around 400 ohms and 80 nF, with the eval board.   This would be for internal…

  • RE: Using ADuCM350 for Biomedical Signals


    Thanks for the reply. My intention is to come up with an integrated system, whereby, signal acquisition, conditioning and processing can be done in one device like aducm350. If I use ad8232, I have to use several other devices. In the data sheet…

  • RE: ADucm350 with Keil


    At this time, the only IDE supported by the ADuCM350 SDK is the IAR Embedded Workbench. A code limited evaluation license is free to download from IAR and will be sufficient to run all of the non-RTOS examples. After installing IAR EWARM, install…

  • ADuCM350 can't bring up


    We ar egoing to bring up ADuCM350BBCZ for Skin impedance measurement application , it can work on our

    PCBA by executing ADuCM350 code via J-LINK ( We use IAR software to run the code ) .

    But it seems that the code in ADuCM350 doesn’t work if we…

  • For ADuCM350 EKSP, has the problem'ADUCM350 UART Handshaking Error' been solved ?

    I just bought one ADuCM350 EVK. When I run EKSP, there is always a error pop windows ' ADUCM350 UART Handshaking Error' . I have checked in the zone. There was an anwser: