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    Q: What does the ADuCM350 Evaluation Kit contain?


    • Eval-ADUCM350EBZ motherboard. This board provides access to all of the pins on the ADuCM350. There are a number of different options for power, connectivity and IO.


  • ADuCM350

    I'm new to ADuCM350, just ordered eval board. Maybe can answer my own question when it shows up BUT here goes:

    Is it possible to measure a lower range of bio impedance, say around 400 ohms and 80 nF, with the eval board.   This would be for internal…

  • AduCM350

    Can AduCM350 connect with a MEMS microphone and processing sound signals?

  • ADuCM350 Footprint

    The Aducm350 datasheet specifies a ball diameter of (0.25 | 0.30 | 0.35 )mm and the recommended footprint available for download has  0.305mm pad (copper, solder, paste all the same). Typically I've seen a pad size of ~80% of the nominal ball diameter…
  • RE: ADuCM350 UART interrupt

    Hi @mark.ramos could you tell me what version of the SDK is this example in? I have an older SDK and I haven't seen this example in there. 

  • ADuCM350 BOOT terminal

    I'd like to choose specific one from more than one Adu350s to serial download.
    A BOOT terminal ADuCM350s is tied to one, and a RESET terminal for respective ADuCM350 can be controlled each.

    When a BOOT terminal in running ADuCM350 became high-level…

  • ADuCM350 COM port

    Hi ADuCM350 Techical Expert,

    My PC Win 7 in "Computer Manager" "Ports (COM & LPT)" shows "JLink CDC UART Port (COM9", I can download IAR examples into the Eval Board without any problem.

    But ADuCM350 EKSP can't recognize…

  • ADuCM350


    i am using ADuCM350EBZ Evaluation board Development kit for impedance measurement and i used IAR workbench for programming but in 4 wire configuration i am not getting accurate phase result can any one guide me what i do for getting accurate phase…

  • ADuCM350 Samples?

    Hi, I'm laying out a board and ordered 4 ADuCM350BBCZ's from Newark (which said "UK Stock").  Unfortunately, I didn't see the fine print until today ... they won't have stock until June 20th, 2016.  Is there any way I can get a…

  • aducm350 EKSP

    Is C code or other readable format available for aducm350_eksp.hex? I need some education on how EKSP does its job. Thanks. Richard