• ADUC848 serial download protocol: command issues

    Dear Sirs,

    I'm working on the flash support of the ADUC848 on our own programming system.
    Based on AN-1074 I implemented the Erase/Program and Verify routines, that work well at baud 9600.

    Finally, I wanted to set the Security Mode. Regardless which…

  • RE: AD7708 and ADUC848 crystals


     As mentioned in the datasheet sometimes a capacitor needs to be connected in the crystal to ensure that the resonator does not oscillate at overtones of its fundamental operating frequency. The capacitor requirement are specified usually in the crystal…

  • RE: Question about a weak internal pull-up in ADuC848

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  • RE: ADUC848 - UART Dying symptom.

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  • how to calculate ADuC848 output data rate

    Does any one know how to calculate the output data rate of ADuC848 SPI / UART / I2C interface required for a given sample rate? For example, 100 samples / sec. Knowing this output data rate, I can find a proper downlink device with adequate link capacity…

  • ADUC848烧写程序的问题

        我基于ADUC848的芯片设计了一个PCB板,引出了txd,rxd然后通过TTL转232电平的芯片转化为RS232的信号,再接到PC上对其进行烧写程序,用keil5编写了一个简单的测试程序(就是周期性地修改P0的值),生成了一个hex文件,然后想用WSD进行烧写,一直失败,提示error code 4,然后我就查问题,发现,我的ADUC848的-PSEN管脚一直是低电平(应为常高)。我想可能是这个原因导致了无法烧写。我的-PSEN接法如下


  • Issue at Flash write of ADuC848


    My customer uses ADuC848, but they have some problem at Flash writing in ADuC848.

    Whenever they write Flashmenory of ADuC848 through UART between PC and ADuC848, they can confirm values of Flash memory and their writing procedure is normal.

  • How to set pwm register on ADuc848

    Hello everyone. 


    I want to know how to ajust pwm register on ADuc848.


    I read ADuc848 datasheet(PWMCON, PWMxH/L), but I cant understand about setting of pwm duty and period .


    Could you let me know about it.


    (for example, how to setting…

  • Request a design guide of SPI and UART interface in ADUC848


    My customer uses ADUC848 for their CO2 Sensor Module.

    And this Co2 sensor Module should receive data from unspecified sensors through SPI or UART directly.

    (And this will be implemented by customers of my customer.)

    So they need your recommended…

  • Inquiry about UART Error of ADuC848


    I'm Kevin in ODA Technologies

    ODA Produces Programmable DC Power Supply

    When customer control DC power supply by external serial communication,

    UART is not working.

    Customer monitored the RX Pin by using Osylocope.

    Machine doesn't work…