• ADUC848 I'm looking for an errata sheet.

    Can I get an ADUC848 Ereta sheet?

    I can't find it on the homepage.

  • ADUC848: Converting a small bipolar signal.

    I have external reference 2,5V, ADR441, and I need to measure voltages in the
    range of +-80mV. Is it possible to do if the signal from my source is going to
    AIN1 and  AINCOM or does it need go to AIN1 and AIN2?


    You need to convert a bipolar signal…

  • ADUC848: Configuration of current source IEXC[0|1]

    When I use the current source IEXC[0|1] on pin 11 and 12, can I still use the
    analog input on these pins?


    P1.6/AIN7/IEXC1. You cannot configure these pins as external current soources…

  • My customer has some technical problems/questions about ADuC848.

    My customer  has some technical problems/questions about ADuC848.

    They used ADuC836 earlier but now trying to use ADuC848BS62-5. They save
    content of the RAM (60 byte/ 15 page) at the EEPROM data memory when power
    down. They
    did not have any…


    Hello,I am using ADuC848, and I have some questions about Port0,Port2,Port3 connection.
    If I do not use all the Port0,Port2,Port3 pins,Should I pull the pins down/up or leave them float?
    As a common rule,Input pin should not be float.

  • Aduc848: Verify in hardware that program has been succesfully load into chip

    My question is after I have program the aduc848 chip, how can I verify whether
    the program is successfully loaded into the chip? Is there any pin on the
    aduc848 will show indication (may be the pin will go high or low, after
    successfully program…

  • ADUC848: Is there a single device with supply range 2.7 to 5.5 V?

    Do you have an ADuC848 working at supply range 2.7 to 5.5 V?


    It is not possible to get a single  ADuC848 that runs off power supplies of  3-
    5 volts. You have to order either the 3V or 5V version of the device (different
    silicon). Order an ADUC848…

  • Which is the maximum value of the external clock  for the PWM on ADuc848?

    Which is the maximum value of the external clock for the PWM on ADuc848?


    You can safely run it at up to 12.58 MHz, which is the tested maximum speed of
    the core logic.
    It may well work at higher rates - but we have not tested this and so we cannot…

  • Using the ADUC845 Quick Start Development kit for ADUC847 and ADUC848?

    If I purchase the QuickStart development kit for the ADuC845, could I also use
    it also to develop for the ADuC847(which is a subset of the 845)? Would their
    be any limitations in doing this?


    Yes, you can use the ADuC845 QS kit to develop for…