• ADuC847: Crystal start up

    I'm using ADuC836 with 85SMX watch crystal and all is working fine. With the
    same crystal and ADuC848/847 samples, the oscillation don't start. I try 3
    samples but nothing. why? could oscillator section be different from 836 to
  • ADUC847 display example codes


    I need various sample aplications for ADUC847. Would you please send? I need example codes. Example, temperature control, humidity control, CO2 control ...

    Add I need codes for character LCD display (4x20).

    Good work...

  • Recommended programming socket for ADuC847

    We are using more than 10 000 pcs/year ADuC847 56-Lead LFCSP. For our service
    center we need to have pre-programmed processors, and currently our service
    engineers have to solder them. Could you recommend a test/programming socket,
  • Baud Rate for ADuC847

    The device I am using is the ADuC847 evaluation board.

    I am trying to run a program at 115kbaud, but am unable to. I'm not sure what is going on, and I've read through several threads here on similar topics. I've attached photos detailing the configurations…

  • ADUC847 External reference voltage range

    Based on the information on datasheet it's not clear to us that would it be
    safe to use 5V reference with 5V / 3.3V power?


    The REFin + to REFin- range is 1v to AVdd. So the external reference can not
    exceed AVdd.
  • Sensing microvolt with Aduc847

    I need to read analog voltage from 1uV to about 500mV.

    I configured aduc like that

    PLLCON =  0x08;

    T3CON = 0x81;

    T3FD = 0x2D; //OK

    SCON = 0x50; //OK

    ICON = 0x01; //Turn on IEXC1 source to drive RTD.

    SF = 0x3;  

    ADC0CON1 = 0x21;

    ADC0CON2 = 0…

  • ADuC847 and WSD Download Data

    Hi everybody,

    I would like to program ADuC847s with Code and Data. Code works fine ever since but now I have a new need to also program data. But here I struggle over a number of questions.

    - What is the file format for data? WSD wants a text file,…

  • aduc847 USB-EA-CONVZ info

    Customer question:

    Please, we bought ADuC8xx USB - EA converter for work in the ADUC847, and we want more information about the jumpers in the PCI, and the position for the correct use. Can you send this information, and the schematic of the PCI if possible…

  • Interfacing ADUC847 to ADF7020; SPI interface


    I am looking for some guidance in interfacing the ADUC847 to the ADF7020. I have the development kit but I need access to low level functions including writing and reading registers, reading and writing data using the SPI interface, and interfacing…

  • ADuC847: Using aspire in debug run mode

    I am using the QuickStart kit for downloading and debugging. In debug step by
    step mode the Aspire 1.06 software tool works fine.
    However when goes in run mode and then I  press the Stop/Pause buttons the
    Aspire warns with the message…