• ADuC847: Noise perfomance

    We are using your ADuC847 microconverter to interface to a strain-gauge load
    cell for a weighing application.
    The load cell output is 0 - 10mV and is connected to Ain1+ and Ain-.
    The ADC is configured for a unipolar, fully-differential, 0 - 20mV…

  • ADuC847 noise


    I'm currently working with an ADuC847 processor to read signals from a load cell, the signals are in the range of 0mV to 10mV. The problem is that i'm facing way too much noise on the reading, i've tried a lot of things, enable and disable CHOP…

  • ADuC847: Crystal start up

    I'm using ADuC836 with 85SMX watch crystal and all is working fine. With the
    same crystal and ADuC848/847 samples, the oscillation don't start. I try 3
    samples but nothing. why? could oscillator section be different from 836 to

  • Recommended programming socket for ADuC847

    We are using more than 10 000 pcs/year ADuC847 56-Lead LFCSP. For our service
    center we need to have pre-programmed processors, and currently our service
    engineers have to solder them. Could you recommend a test/programming socket,
    where we can…

  • ADUC847 External reference voltage range

    Based on the information on datasheet it's not clear to us that would it be
    safe to use 5V reference with 5V / 3.3V power?


    The REFin + to REFin- range is 1v to AVdd. So the external reference can not
    exceed AVdd.

  • ADuC847: Using aspire in debug run mode

    I am using the QuickStart kit for downloading and debugging. In debug step by
    step mode the Aspire 1.06 software tool works fine.
    However when goes in run mode and then I  press the Stop/Pause buttons the
    Aspire warns with the message "Failed to…

  • Implementing AN1074 to burn programs on ADuC847

    I'm tryng to implement the protocol to burn my program on the ADuC847 on Java, in order to update the board software more easily via an HMI. The problem i'm facing is that some packages receive the ACK and others don't. Below are the code i developed…

  • ADUC847: Detecting the stop condition in slave mode

    I need technical informations about Analogue Device ADuc847

    I want to use it in I2C hardware slave mode

    Is it possible to detect I2C Stop sequence in software ?

    The problem is when the master abort the communication sequence before the

  • Model on Eval board - flash and supply - EVAL-ADuC847

    We need to get information about, which MCU is assembled on the
    EVAL-ADUC847QSZ board. ADUC847 has different versions  ADuC847BSZ62-5  - 62Kb
    to  ADuC847BSZ8-5   -  8 Kb with 5V and 3V options.


     EVAL-ADuC847QSZ comes with 62kB Flash and 5V supply model…