• AduC845 channels

    I am using AduC845 for designing an Analog to Digital converter card. I am using 8 pins of port 1 i.e. AIN1 to AIN8 as my analog input pins. I programmed AduC845 to read the output digital data but was unable to read the output data of all the 8 input…

  • ADuC845 Delay

    I am designing an ADC card using ADuC845. In Keil, I wrote a C-code for the same purpose. I provide a sine input signal of 1Hz frequency and output 1000 readings during testing. But, there are a few consecutive pairs of the same reading. There are around…

  • ADuC845  calibration

    Can you get the equation of the output code and calibration register? Like the
    one in below of AD7793.
    Data = [ (0.75*Vin*PGA_Gain/Vref) * (2^23) - (Offset_Reg-800000h) ] *
    Full_Scale_Reg/400000h * 2
    Data = [ (0.75*Vin*PGA_Gain…

  • ADuC845: Mixing inputs

    I would like to know if it is possible with an ADUC845 to work with some analog
    channels in fully differential mode and with others in pseudo differential ?
    For instance signal of sensor 1 connected to AIN1-AIN2, sensor 2 connected to

  • ADuC845 interrupt priority handling

    A few questions question regarding ADUC845 interrupt system:

    Q1. A high priority interrupt can interrupt the service routine of a low
    priority interrupt, Does the system comeback to service this low priority

    Q2. If two interrupts…

  • ADuC845 Calibration Logic

    From the ADuC845 datasheet,

                          The result of the zero-scale calibration conversion is stored in the offset calibration registers for the appropriate ADC. The result of the full-scale calibration conversion is stored in the gain calibration registers…

  • aduc845: QS Kit for development

    1) If I purchase the QuickStart dev kit for the ADuC 845, could I also use it
    to develop for the ADuC 847 (which is a subset of the 845)? Would their be any
    limitations in doing this?

    2) Does the Keil C-Compiler support the extended stack feature…

  • ADuC845: Silicon revision and anomaly sheet

    1) Which silicon revision is currently shipping for ADuC845?
    2) In "Anomaly Sheet for Silicon Rev. C ADuC845" it says that ADC noise
    performance degrades when CD < 3. Will this be corrected in future silicon
    revisions? If so, when…

  • ADUC845: Cascading 16 bit counters T0 and T1

    On an ADUC845, Is it possible to cascade the two 16 bits counters T0 and T1 to
    do a 32 bits counter ?


    We have no experience of cascading the two 16 bit counters but you should be
    able to implement this in software. There is a overflow flag bit…