• ADuC845 Calibration Logic

    From the ADuC845 datasheet,

                          The result of the zero-scale calibration conversion is stored in the offset calibration registers for the appropriate ADC. The result of the full-scale calibration conversion is stored in the gain calibration registers…

  • ADuC845 Debugger

    Do we have a dedicated in-circuit debugger for ADuC845 chip other than via UART?

    I read serial download and debugger is possible with UART (Rx and Tx) along with some cicuits.

    Do we have any other options or how we will use the MCU UART during this debugger…

  • ADUC845


    Can you provide to me the maximum value of power dissipation of ADUC845?

    As there is no data available in the datasheet of ADUC845 so i need it to do my calculation for my system.

    Please help to reply me as fast as possible because i need the…

  • ADuC845 ADC

    Hi! I develop the high-precision device of measurement of a tilt angle with use of an inclinometer of Seika NB3 and the ADuC845 microconverter. After measurement I collect result from ADC registers. The result surprises me very much - huge dispersion…

  • ADuC845  calibration

    Can you get the equation of the output code and calibration register? Like the
    one in below of AD7793.
    Data = [ (0.75*Vin*PGA_Gain/Vref) * (2^23) - (Offset_Reg-800000h) ] *
    Full_Scale_Reg/400000h * 2
    Data = [ (0.75*Vin*PGA_Gain…

  • ADUC845 Data Conversion

    Dear ADIer

    Please help me to understand how to calculate the ADC code.

    1. I wonder about the meaning of output code. Code 000 ... 000, code 100 ... 000, code 111.111 in the Data Output Coding Session of ADUC845 Datasheet page 36
    2. I can calculate Code…
  • ADUC845 Download

    Hi Folks,

    I designed an ADUC845 board as it is given in the schematic of EVAL-ADUC845QS schematic for, Drawn by: Pat sheahan, and checked by: Brian Moss

    i am getting getting strucked at communication with PC , i.e i am not able to Dump any Program…

  • ADuC845

    The plots on page 37 of the datasheet show the sinc filter response for certain SF settings (69d and 255d). Is there a way to generate the plots for other settings or are there data available for other SF settings.

    A customer I was speaking with claims…