• What is the lowest voltage that ADuC845 can measure

    What is the lowest voltage that ADuC845 can measure? And how can I archive that ability of ADuC845.

    Thank you ! 

  • ADUC845


    Can you provide to me the maximum value of power dissipation of ADUC845?

    As there is no data available in the datasheet of ADUC845 so i need it to do my calculation for my system.

    Please help to reply me as fast as possible because i need the…

  • ADuC845

    The plots on page 37 of the datasheet show the sinc filter response for certain SF settings (69d and 255d). Is there a way to generate the plots for other settings or are there data available for other SF settings.

    A customer I was speaking with claims…

  • ADuC845 calibration


      In ADuC845  why  auxiliary ADC calibration registers are 16 bit? If there is any calculations including these calibration registers(in ADC determination) i would like to know that too.



  • RE: ADUC845 Bootloader

    Have this board ever been working ? Do you see any signal on TX if you put the ADuC845 into download mode ? Can you check on a second board or replace the ADuC845 ?

  • RE: ADUC845 Download

    Hi Vishal,

    32kHz crystal is OK, the CAP's for the crystal should specified in the datasheet of the used crystal, the ADuC845 has already 18pF on both pins for the crystal.

    The decoupling cap's for the supply on AVDD and DVDD should be as close as…

  • UART communication problem between ADuC845 and SiLabs controller.

    I am trying to connect ADuC845 chip with a microcontroller from another vendor(Silicon labs-BGM13P22) via UART. I have set a baud rate of 115200 on both sides.

    Configuration of ADuC845 that I have set is -->

    CD = 0,DIV = 2,T3CON = 82H,T3FD = 2DH for…

  • Questions about exteral pull up and strong internal pull-up of P0 in ADUC848


    My customer uses ADuC848 and they will use P0.3(pin 46) to output.

    So external pull-up resistance is needed as ADuC848 Datasheet.

    Q1) Would you let me know your recommended values of external pull-up resistance at P0.3?

           They use 3.3V and 5V…

  • How to confirm the value of internal pull-up in ADUC848


    My customer wants to get the value of internal pull-up resistors in ADUC848.

    As you know, SCLK and SDATA pin in ADUC848 have a weak internal pull-up.

    But I can't find the value of these weak internal pull-up resistors.

    Would you let me…

  • ADuC845 Debugger

    Do we have a dedicated in-circuit debugger for ADuC845 chip other than via UART?

    I read serial download and debugger is possible with UART (Rx and Tx) along with some cicuits.

    Do we have any other options or how we will use the MCU UART during this debugger…