• RE: Burning hex code to a ADuC 843

    For programming, the ADuC843 is similar to ADuC842 and ADuC841.

    The answers in these two threads are also valid for ADuC843:

    - Programming the ADuC841.

    - About ADuC842 MicroConverter Programming.

  • Can I use the SST39VF1681 as the extern data memory of ADUC843?

    Can I use the SST39VF1681 as the extern data memory of ADUC843?

  • RE: Problem loading ADuC843 with WSD

    Nevermind.  It was my problem.  Apparently, something changed on the differential driver/receiver chip I have in front of the ADuC843. 

    Thanks anyway...

  • RE: Spi master ADuC841 to Spi slave ADuC841 very slow and xxfer errors

    Did you take into account the annomaly reported in the anomaly sheet Rev. F - SPI Interface [er006]

    "Issue B: When the ADuC841/ADuC842/ADuC843 is set up as an SPI slave, the device may receive or transmit bytes incorrectly.

    Workaround B: Incorporate…

  • RE: Anomaly sheet availability

    Sorry for this - should be online - our Web-Designers have restyled the product pages and screwed it up. Please find attached. You can also find it in the documentation folder from the evaluation CD.

    Avaliable for download @ ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub…

  • RE: ADuC842 now reports itself as an ADuC843 with WSD

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    The page 8 of ADuC841/2/3 manual shows the TABLE2, where absolute maximum ratings given.

    But there are no data for absolute maximum currents through digital & analog inputs to AGND/DGND.

    It's unknown whether these inputs are defended…

  • RE: 求EVAL-ADUC-CABLE1 的资料?


  • Uploading program memory

    Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to upload program memory from an ADUC843 chip to a computer hex file (so it can then be replicated on another chip.

    I have lost the particular "one off" bit of code which I wrote 5 years ago and my customer now…

  • RE: ADUC848烧写程序的问题