• RE: Spi master ADuC841 to Spi slave ADuC841 very slow and xxfer errors

    Did you take into account the annomaly reported in the anomaly sheet Rev. F - SPI Interface [er006]

    "Issue B: When the ADuC841/ADuC842/ADuC843 is set up as an SPI slave, the device may receive or transmit bytes incorrectly.

    Workaround B: Incorporate…

  • aduc841 eeprom

    How to configure ADUC841 to write and read external EEPROM


    >Config CFG841 = 1 won't influence EEPROM, but will influence the stack.
    >The default value of CFG841 is 10H, then the stack rolls over from SPH/SP =
    00FFH to 0100H…
  • Programming the ADuC841


    I have a design using the ADUC841.  We currently program the device using WSD.exe ( Windows Serial Downloader ).


    Is there an alternate software package or method for programming the ADUC841 ?

  • ADUC841 Won't program

    I've designed a board to use the ADUC841.  The original used the ADUC831, and the newer one is meant to use the ADUC841. 

    On the same board I can program a ADUC831 but not an ADUC841.  I've tried this on two board, with the same result, which means…

  • ADuC841 serial communication

    Hello, I am going to be straight forward with my problem. I am currently sending and receiving data through the uart port, using interruption 4 and 6....I read from the adcs and send those values through the serial, and I am receiving characters from…

  • ADuC841 Flash/EE issue questions

    Hello. I have a few questions about the Flash/EE on the ADuC841.

    1) I currently have the Rev 0 Anomaly sheet for Silicon Rev. F. Is there
    a more recent anomaly sheet for that silicon revision?

    2) Regarding Interrupts During Reading/Writing to Data FLASH…
  • ADUC841 PSEN voltage level

    I have several ADuC841 devices that are on a common serial programming bus. This is used for field reprogramming of the device in a much larger system.

    A host processor port is asseting the psen line low through a schottky diode and 1K resistor to each…

  • ADuC841 Data Flash Programming via WSD


    I have a uC ADuC841. I can download Code Flash File into ADuC841 via WSD without any problems. But when I try to download any Data Flash File into ADuC841 I get an error. Maybe I do something wrong? What does a data format have to be? Any recommendations…

  • ADUC841 win serial downloader

    The new version of the win serial downloader (ver 7.05) is not allowing the customer to set the lock down and secure mode bits using only the erase code memory. However, by using erase code and data memory this is possible. This wasn't the case with version…

  • Solder temp for ADuC841

    Is  220C still the absolute maximum pin temperature for soldering on the ADuC841BSZ62-5?

    We've been using this part for several years and have been doing a RoHS lead-free process for the last few. Noticed a few device failures where the device will program…