• RE: Burning hex code to a ADuC 843

    For programming, the ADuC843 is similar to ADuC842 and ADuC841.

    The answers in these two threads are also valid for ADuC843:

    - Programming the ADuC841.

    - About ADuC842 MicroConverter Programming.

  • Programming the ADuC841


    I have a design using the ADUC841.  We currently program the device using WSD.exe ( Windows Serial Downloader ).


    Is there an alternate software package or method for programming the ADUC841 ?

  • RE: Anomaly sheet availability

    Sorry for this - should be online - our Web-Designers have restyled the product pages and screwed it up. Please find attached. You can also find it in the documentation folder from the evaluation CD.

    Avaliable for download @ ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub…

  • RE: AD7147 EVB with external sensors

    To look at the external sensors, use the Register Configuration button, instead of the Evaluation Demo button  on the evaluation software.

    The first thing to do is to ensure the AD7147 on your external board is configured correctly. You can do this by…

  • ADuC841 Data Flash Programming via WSD


    I have a uC ADuC841. I can download Code Flash File into ADuC841 via WSD without any problems. But when I try to download any Data Flash File into ADuC841 I get an error. Maybe I do something wrong? What does a data format have to be? Any recommendations…

  • aduc841 eeprom

    How to configure ADUC841 to write and read external EEPROM


    >Config CFG841 = 1 won't influence EEPROM, but will influence the stack.
    >The default value of CFG841 is 10H, then the stack rolls over from SPH/SP =
    00FFH to 0100H…
  • RE: ADUC841 Won't program

    If you put the ADuC841 into Download-Mode via toggling the RESET pin while the PSEN is pulled down, than you should see always a start message to be transmitted by the ADuC841. Please also consult the Application Note AN-1074 explaining this in detail…

  • Demo circuit. Example

    Hello. Is there an example for "Demo citcuit" on eval-aduc841(8xx)?

  • Can I use EWAIT register on ADuC841?

    I tried to vary EWAIT register, but without success. In the ADuC841 datasheet
    on page 18 EWAIT register is mentioned only once. In the SFR table on page 22
    there is no EWAIT register. Location 0x9F marked as "not used". Does really …
  • RE: 关于aduc812和aduc832下载不进去程序的问题



    1. 建议您先使用11.0592M的晶振

    2。 复位引脚的电容C17取掉

    3. 检查一下串口是否有问题,因为在下载模式,ADUC812会通过串口上传版本号