• ADUC841

    Is the UART serial port of the product a dedicated debugging port? Is the UART serial port occupied when communicating with external devices?Also can realize the program In-Circuit Serial Download Access?

  • RE: Spi master ADuC841 to Spi slave ADuC841 very slow and xxfer errors

    Did you take into account the annomaly reported in the anomaly sheet Rev. F - SPI Interface [er006]

    "Issue B: When the ADuC841/ADuC842/ADuC843 is set up as an SPI slave, the device may receive or transmit bytes incorrectly.

    Workaround B: Incorporate…

  • ADUC841

    1.Whether the QuickStart Plus development system provides a USB port for connecting to a PC.?

    2.When I use UART serial port for normal UART communication, online debugging with PC side is not available, right?

    3.If the debug port is used as a communication…

  • aduc841 eeprom

    How to configure ADUC841 to write and read external EEPROM


    >Config CFG841 = 1 won't influence EEPROM, but will influence the stack.
    >The default value of CFG841 is 10H, then the stack rolls over from SPH/SP =
    00FFH to 0100H…
  • RE: EVAL-ADUC841 A4 Schematics

    Hi Onti,

    There was some minor update in the layout, that is why they updated the silk, but there are no changes to the schematic.


  • EVAL-ADUC841 A4 Schematics

    Got the ADuC841 MicroConverter SAR Evaluation Board Rev.A4 delivered but there only seem schematics for Rev. A3
    ( https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/evaluation-documentation/151851ADuC_SAR_PCB_A3.pdf )

    Is there updated version of…

  • Programming the ADuC841


    I have a design using the ADUC841.  We currently program the device using WSD.exe ( Windows Serial Downloader ).


    Is there an alternate software package or method for programming the ADUC841 ?

  • ADUC841 Won't program

    I've designed a board to use the ADUC841.  The original used the ADUC831, and the newer one is meant to use the ADUC841. 

    On the same board I can program a ADUC831 but not an ADUC841.  I've tried this on two board, with the same result, which means…

  • ADuC841 serial communication

    Hello, I am going to be straight forward with my problem. I am currently sending and receiving data through the uart port, using interruption 4 and 6....I read from the adcs and send those values through the serial, and I am receiving characters from…

  • ADuC841 Flash/EE issue questions

    Hello. I have a few questions about the Flash/EE on the ADuC841.

    1) I currently have the Rev 0 Anomaly sheet for Silicon Rev. F. Is there
    a more recent anomaly sheet for that silicon revision?

    2) Regarding Interrupts During Reading/Writing to Data FLASH…