• ADuC831

    If the security mode set on ADUC831BS is 'SECURE MODE', will this affect programmatic Read / Write operations in ULOAD mode ? For example, when the running application takes a configuration input from user and stores it in 'data memory' OR 'program memory…

  • How do I migrate from ADuC812 to ADuC831 or ADu832?

    What steps do I need to take to migrate from ADuC812 to ADuC831 or ADu832?


    There are two documents which explain how to migrate from the ADuC812 to
    ADuC831 and 832.

    uC020: Migrating from ADUC812 to ADUC831
    uC016: Migrating from…
  • RE: What should be the address offset for the Intel hex file for the 4 Kb data area in serial download mode for ADuC831?


    The 4kBytes of Flash/EE data memory is accessed via a group of registers in SFR. Please refer to the ADuC831 Datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADUC831.pdf, Page 29) for Using or Programming the Flash/EE…

  • ADuC831: INTVAL

    Does the 8bit interval counter reset to zero automatically when the comparator
    generates an interrupt? If not how can I reset this counter?
    If I'd like to load an new value into the register intval, do I need to clear
    TCEN first?
  • Is the ADuC831 good for new design???

    I need to know if the ADuC831 is good for new design. If not, what is a good substitute? Has to have ADC on kit!!

  • RE: 关于aduc812和aduc832下载不进去程序的问题



    1. 建议您先使用11.0592M的晶振

    2。 复位引脚的电容C17取掉

    3. 检查一下串口是否有问题,因为在下载模式,ADUC812会通过串口上传版本号

  • RE: ADUC848烧写程序的问题


  • ADuC831 ADC questions

    1. What's the maximum sampling rate of ADuC831? The uC019 specifies 200KHz;

    2. In DMA mode, the enclosed code example of external triggered conversions
    configured the CK1 CK0 and AQ1 AQ0 of ADCCON1, why? For this mode's sampling …
  • RE: ADuC831 Flash security

    If the part is secured - not only locked, the only way to access it again is to mass erase it first. So with normal/usual tools there is no way to access a locked part from external again.

    See page 28 of the data-sheet - Flash/EE Program Memory Security…

  • ADUC831 and USB-EA-CONVZ


    I have been using the USB-EA-CONVZ with the ADUC831 successfully until suddenly when I try to upload code from my Keil debugger I get a Serial protocol error: NACK reply received.  I can no longer debug and set breakpoints with it but can successfully…