• ADuC831: FAQs

    1. What's the maximum sampling rate of ADuC831? The uC019 specifies 200KHz;

    2. In DMA mode, the enclosed code example of external triggered conversions
    configured the CK1 CK0 and AQ1 AQ0 of ADCCON1, why? For this mode's sampling

  • ADuC831: INTVAL

    Does the 8bit interval counter reset to zero automatically when the comparator
    generates an interrupt? If not how can I reset this counter?
    If I'd like to load an new value into the register intval, do I need to clear
    TCEN first?
  • ADuC831

    If the security mode set on ADUC831BS is 'SECURE MODE', will this affect programmatic Read / Write operations in ULOAD mode ? For example, when the running application takes a configuration input from user and stores it in 'data memory' OR 'program memory…

  • ADuC831 Flash security

    I would like to know is once the software is loaded on to the device and the bit is changed to lock the code in.  Is there a way to upload the code again?  Realistically.  I have heard of places that will cap the part and actually probe the memory area and…

  • ADuC831 Flash memory prog. spec.


    Does there exist newer Flash memory programming specification of ADuC831 device? We already have got version 0.4/June 2004. If there is newer prog. spec. can someone provide one?


  • ADUC831 and USB-EA-CONVZ


    I have been using the USB-EA-CONVZ with the ADUC831 successfully until suddenly when I try to upload code from my Keil debugger I get a Serial protocol error: NACK reply received.  I can no longer debug and set breakpoints with it but can successfully…

  • ADuC831 variable corruption issue in ISR

    I have a customer running into a variable corruption issue on a ADuC831 while in an ISR.   See below for the details and question.

    We’re using an ADuC831 microconverter to control an LED based backlight solution via a PWM signal.  We vary the width of the…

  • Is the ADuC831 good for new design???

    I need to know if the ADuC831 is good for new design. If not, what is a good substitute? Has to have ADC on kit!!

  • Analog input noisy when timer is 8Khz - ADuC831

    I have an application where an ADuC831 is being used to sample a frequency input on Pin 1 (T2) input, and the rest of ADC pins are being used to sample analog voltages.

    I noticed that when the timer input is exactly 8Khz, the remaining analog inputs…

  • ADuC831的SPI通讯问题