• ADUC816: internal ADC

    ADUC816: if I don't use internal ADC, what I should do with REFIn (+) (-)


    If you are not using the ADC, you can ground both reference pins, or leave them
    unconnected. If you leave the pins unconnected, be aware that any…
  • ADC0IC and ADC1IC on ADUC816

    In ADUC816 datasheet, there is very simple description about the function of bit ADC0IC and ADC1IC. Could it be possible to get more detailed explanation about its function?

  • Function of ADC1IC and ADC0IC bit in ICON register of ADuC816

    What is the function of ADC1IC and ADC0IC bit in ICON the current source
    control register?


    The ICON sfr controls the current sources available on the ADuC8xx parts with
    sigma delta converters such as the ADuC816.  These current sources…
  • RE: ADSim - Windows 7 64 bit

    Here is the download link on the analog.com site


    Development and Evaluation Assistance:

    ADSIM Simulator - Standalone Windows-based assembly simulator supporting the ADuC812…

  • RE: 关于aduc812和aduc832下载不进去程序的问题



    1. 建议您先使用11.0592M的晶振

    2。 复位引脚的电容C17取掉

    3. 检查一下串口是否有问题,因为在下载模式,ADUC812会通过串口上传版本号

  • RE: ADUC848烧写程序的问题


  • RE: EVAL-ADuC7020MKZ Mini-Kit Programming/Debug with IAR EWB?

    Here attached now the main part of the Hands-On-Training from 2005.

    The board shown is the regular ADuC7020 board, but it will work the same way with the AduC7020 MiniKIt.


    The Chip ID for the ADuC8xx series is determined by an SFR located at address 0xC2 (Read only).

    The default values for some parts are:

    ADuC841 - 0xB5h

    ADuC842 - 0xA5h

    For the Sigma-delta based ADuC8xx parts, bits 7 and 5 of CHIPCON identify the Chip…

  • RE: 求EVAL-ADUC-CABLE1 的资料?


  • RE: 菜农求助ADI技术团队各位老大

    ADuC800-series (8052-core) Software Tools Updates 
    • Windows Serial Downloader V7.03 - Serial Port Downloader, supporting in-circuit serial programming.
      (exe, 1,905,211 bytes)
    • WASP - Analog Analysis Routine V6.04 -…