• ADUC812: Failure to Reset/Download

    At programming AduC812 of production after 2001
    the chip is written 1-2 times by the program download.exe version 2.07 well.
    At the subsequent attempts to write AduC812 by the program download.exe version
    2.07 the reset of the chip and…
  • ADuC812: On Chip temperature sensor

    I am doing development with the ADuC812.
    Where can I find more detail information about the
    In the moment I have the "Preliminary Technical Data Sheet" - date of
    Mar./99. In…
  • ADuC812: Problems downloading to FLASH

    We have a customer trying to use the EVAL BD for the ADUC812 - he has had this
    for some time but is now reporting a 'download limit' preventing the system
    from working - even s/w written some time ago that used to work is no longer…
  • ADuC812: Dealing with the interface I2C

    I am searching for an application note, dealing with the interface I2C
    between the flash of the microconverter and a host processor.
    The point is to write and access data into the internal fash of the Aduc.
    Is this possible, are there reserved…
  • ADuC812: glitches on the reset line

    I have got the problem with ADuC812. When I turn off
    and then straight away turn on my microcomput. ,after few this
    cycles it's reference voltage goes to 2.77V, RS232 doesn't work
    and then I find out that the program in internal…
  • ADuC812: How to program external code space

    I have a aduc812 equipped with 16K (AT28 C256) of external memory. My program
    to download is greater than 8K.
    My questions are:
    -       Are some switches "on board"  that I  have to  switch on or off ?
    -       the Windows Serial downloader…
  • ADUC812的使用问题


  • ADuC812: Status of the port on power-up

    - I use AD812 and wonder must I set the port 2 and 3 to  input/output n SFR or
    does it do that automaticly?


    Some information of the status of ports 0, 1, 2 and 3 on power up. Where the
    ADuC812 deviates from the "standard" 8051, I will…
  • 寻找aduc812下载程序


  • ADuC812: Power down mode and choice of C compilers

    Please explain the Power down mode and choice of C compilers of the ADuC812


    - ADuC812 Power down mode
    When the ADuC is in power down mode everything is irretrievbly turned off and
    the only way to resume operation is to reset the part…