• ADuC812: FAQs

    In A/D timing for ADuC812 normaly I use low frequency of sample ( 50Khz and
    lower) In DS AD declare that Frequency of A/D is MCLK / CK1,CK0 bit  plus 
    AQ1,AQ0  table value
    If I use 16Mhz clock I have a T of 1/16e6  = 62.5nS

    One A/D conversione need…

  • ADuC812: latch-up

    I have a question about a latch-up resistance of the ADuC812BS analog
    inputs.  Particulary how is the latch-up current of analog inputs?


    The ADuC812 is not particularly susceptible to latch up but it can be
    permanently damaged by an…
  • ADuC812: Flash reliability

    One customer is asking about the flash spec of the ADuC812. The datasheets
    tells, that the data in the flash will remain for 10 years, but this spec is
    for 5V supply!

    What about this spec under 3.3V operation? Also 10 years?


  • ADuC812: serial interface

    I would like to use the multiprocessor feature of the serial interface of the
    ADuC812, in which bit 9 causes an serial interrupt if set. Unfortunately I
    can't get this feature working, so I wonder if there is a software error or if
  • ADuC812: PSEN pin

    Can the PSEN pin be pulled
    low during the duration of the serial
    programming or are there any specific timing requirements re this line
    during serial programming?
    I am not using any external memory with the ADuC812 so can I leave this…
  • ADUC812: Battery lifetime

    1)For our needs we found that the total power dissipation of the ADUC821 is
    typically 100mW. How can we know how long(how many minutes or hours) the micro
    controller can work before the battery becomes insufficient?
    2)In the data sheets…
  • ADuC812: Measure ambient temperature

    I need more information about the TEMP Sensor of the ADuC812. What I need is the
    temperature dependance between exteranal temperature and the internal
    temperature. If I want to messure the external temperature how can I calculate
    it from…
  • ADuC812: Failure in restarting

    During testing new series of drivers which depend
    on ADuC812 in one of his dispositon the incident hapend:
    1. Microconverter was several times programmed - OK
    2. Microconverter worked with different programs - OK
    3. During next programming…
  • ADuC812 I2C SPI


    I am about to start working on a project where I will have an ADuC812 making I2C and SPI communications to peripherals. Is there any pitfalls or problematic characteristics that I should be looking out for while using both? eg. Use of UART, clock…

  • ADuC812: enter serial download mode

    I have got a new problem with this mico-c, the serial RxD-TxD die, I use
    the same wiring as mentioned in user's manual chap. 1.11 others hardware
    considerations. I have downloaded many times and suddently it do not
    work. Is there any…