• ADuC7129 I2C


    I have one question about using i2c bus in ADuC7129. Is application note for this microcontroler describing how to use i2c bus? I'm looking for something similar to AN-895 Application note for ADuC702X microcontrolers.

    If not. Second question…

  • ADuC7129 PWM


    I want to use all 6 PWM outputs in uC separately to generate impulse 1ms- 2ms with period of 20ms. I calculated everything and get correct values. Problem is that to achieve six completely separate outputs I must reverse all outputs. My question…

  • ADuC7129 : absolute maximum rating

    I have a question about the absolute maximum rating of ADuC7129.

    In data sheet P15 table 9 of this IC, the following maximum rating is written.

    " Digital Input Voltage to IOGND : −0.3 V to IOVDD + 0.3 V "

    However, other ADuC7xxx are written…

  • ADuC7129 DAC and DDS


    I have problem witch my DDS on ADuC7129.

    I wrote functions to start, set freg and stop DDS. Problem is witch current consumptions. After turn on and turn off DDS current consumption increase by 15 mA. What is the reason of this? Hear is my code…

  • ADuC7129 and ADC12,13 input


    I have problem witch  adc input number 12 and 13. When I measure voltage on others input - internal temperature sensor or AVCC/2 - result is correct. Problem is when I want measure voltage on input adc13. Result is 0 but voltage measured by multimeter…

  • the obsolete forecast of ADuC7129


    Could you kindly inform me the obsolete forecast of ADuC7129 ?

    This is because this MPU is one of the candidate for our application. I hope that this is focused component for you, and thus will continue to be supported for at least the next 5…

  • ADuC7129 adc triggered by timer


    Can someone explain my how to trigger ADC by using Timer 1? What interrupter handle to read ADCDAT? Is it possible to use this technique to achieve sampling around 670kHz.

  • UART1 and the External Memory Interface on ADuC7129

    It seems that UART1's RX and TX lines are multiplexed with the MSB's of the external memory interface on the ADuC7129. I am going under the assumption that if I want to use UART1, I can still use an 8-bit data bus and perhaps a 12-bit address bus with…

  • ADuC7129 GPIO Port 0 and JTAG functionality

    The ADuC7129 muxes three JTAG pins, /TRST, TDI, and TDO, with GPIO functionality on port 0.  The datasheet says that these are configured by default for GPIO functionality (GPxCON Register table and table 70), but wouldn't that prevent a JTAG connection…

  • Phase shift on two sinus waves with Aduc7129

    How can I detect a phase shift between a reference sinus and a phase shift sinus with my Aduc7129 controller.

    Is there a chance to detect the intern ref. sinus without measureing it with the ADC.

    I would like to meausure the zero crossing of the two…