• Aduc7128/7129 PLM_COMP, PLMIN and PLMOUT Signals

    Does anyone know the meaning of the PLM_COMP, PLMIN, and PLMOUT signals in table 70 of the ADUC7128 / 7129 datasheet?
    Thank you!

  • ADuC7128 DAC


    I'm trying to familiarise myself with the DAC of the ADuC7128 (I have the eval. board Rev. 01). What I've done is to test the output of the DAC, trying both the single-ended mode and the differential mode. From what I understand (from reading the…

  • Eval Kit ADuC7128

    Hello, i'm not logged in since 1 or 2 Years.

    At the moment i'm fighting with EVAL ADuC 7128 QSPZ.

    I have installed the Keil yVision3. and an RDI mIDAS Link.

    It's very heavy to learn from Help-system of Keil to check the first Project.

  • ad7264 and aduc7128 connection problem

    Hi ALL

    I want connect ad7264 (in software mode via spi) to aduc7128. But I found problems

    1. SPI module in aduc7128 work transmite only 8/16/24/32 bits . But ad7264 required 33 /47 bits.

    2. If i write software spi, it made slow...

    Plz help

  • ADuC7128 adc w/ pwm conversion type, issues!?

    I would like to inquire about how to calculate the pwm1len and pwm1com[3:1] mmr registers. I am implementing an adc with a pwm conversion type and would like to sample input frequencies that range from 1khz to 960khz. The adc is set to sample at 1MSPS…

  • DDS on AduC7128/29


    I've a question on AduC7128/29:

    In the datasheet on page 47 the DDS is explained. I can control the frequenz via the DDSFRQ MMR.

    This is ok. I can also contol the phase offset via the DDSPHS MMR, but what phase offset in relation to what…

  • ADuc7128 evaluation JTAG issue

    When I reach step 6c in the ADuC7128 GetStarted Guide (REV0.1) and attempt to setup the provided mIDAS-Link emulator, I get the following errors as popup dialogs after selecting the mIDASLinkRDI.dll:

    1) mIDAS-Link RDI Error: Firmware update requires…

  • ADuC7128/29 UARTs ?

    What are the right PINs for the two UARTs on the ADuC7128 and AduC7129 ?

    This is not absolute clear or easy to understand in the datasheet.

  • ADuC7128/7129 Code execution / Flash programming

    Can Code be executed during Flash programming on the ADuC7128/7129 ?

  • Max. Frequency of the ADuC7128/29 DDS

    What is the max. output frequency from the on-chip DDS of the ADuC7128/29 ?