• Programming Guide for ADuc7122

    Can somebody suggest a good programming guide for ADuC7122 Microcontroller (Beginner level)? aduc7122 programming

  • What is the pull-up resistor value on the ADuC7122 GPIO inputs?

    What is the value of the pull-up resistor on the  ADuC7122 GPIO pins?

  • RE: ADuC7060: How do I generate a repeated Start in I2C Master mode?

    In addition, this source code is also valid for the following products:





  • If i use a AVdd of 5V and buffer on(ADuC7122) or external reference (ADuC7023) , then can i use signals with 5V input to ADC pins as well as output of 5V from DAC pins.

    Please refer to page 6 of ADuC7122 and page 7 of ADuC7023. In respective pages it is mentioned Buffer Enabled single-ended mode (ADuC7122) and External Reference input voltage range as 0 to AVdd.

    Please suggest an alternate method to use an input and…

  • I2C interfacing MAX44009 with ADuC7122


    I'm trying to interface MAX44009 with ADuC7122 using I2C protocol. I'm attaching the project code used for reading data from sensor but it is not working.Kindly let me know what need to be done to do single read  as well as burst read. Also…

  • RE: Aduc7122 Operation Temperature?

    Possible alternative would be the newer ADuCM320 fully specified for -40°C to 85°C!?

    If you want/need  to stay with the ADuC7122, the question is how long and how often you need to go to -40°C.

    The silicon will not be damaged, only we cannot guarantee…

  • Flash over I2C on ADuC7122


    I'm following instructions in http://www.analog.com/media/en/evaluation-boards-kits/evaluation-board/ADuC7XXXGetStartedGuide.pdf for my EVAL-ADuC7122QSPZ starter kit. On page 23 of the guide for Windows I2C Downloader, it instructs me to use …

  • RE: ADuC7122 UART/I2C co-use


    The I2C pins of the ADuC7122 device are P0.0 and P0.1 for I2C0, and P1.0 and P1.1 for I2C1.

    I2C can support multiple devices using only 2pins. Can you consider using I2C0 only?



  • ADuC7023: What are the rising and falling trigger levels for edge based interrupts?

    On the ADuC7023, at what voltage on the input pin  will a)  a rising edge  external interrupt be triggered b) a falling edge external interrupt?

    The same question applies for the ADuC7121, ADuC7122, ADuC7124 and ADuC7126.

  • Has anybody got example code that maximizes the SPI baud rate in Master/Slave mode?

    Has anybody got example code that maximizes the SPI baud rate in Master/Slave mode?

    I am using the ADuC7023 and ADuC7122?

    Ideally, I would like a half duplex and full duplex solution.