• ADuC7061 self-offset calibration

    I need your help with ADuC7061. Does self-offset calibration work on the
    auxiliary ADC of ADuC7061, too? We tested the gain and offset calibration – it
    works well on the primary ADC but we need the self-offset calibration on the

  • ADuC7061. ADC Offset Calibration Register (ADC0OF, ADC1OF)

    After calibration Primary / Auxiliary Channel ADC Offset Calibration Register (ADC0OF, ADC1OF) always are read = 0. Both self-offset and zero-scale calibration mode. It is unclear how to correct the values for negative/positive offsets.

  • ADuC7061: Connecting 32Khz External Crystal

    I need to connect a 32kHz crystal to the XTAL pins. In the datasheet it does
    not say what what capacitance crystal is required and whether external
    capacitors are needed?


    The 32KHz crystal part used and its external capacitors C18, C19 (12 pF…

  • Difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?

    What is the difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?


    The ADuC7061 is a smaller package (32-lead LFCSP (5 mm × 5 mm)) compared to
    48-lead LQFP and 48-lead LFCSP (ADUC7060). Both part numbers have the same
    performance as outlined in their…

  • ADUC7061




  • RE: ADuC7061 problems with measurement results

    2 Shemes jof measurement.


    // ADuC7061
    // Keil mVision V5.14
    // ADC convert

    #include "ADUC706x…

  • RE: ADC problem about ADUC7061

    Ok, thank you very much.

    you do good job.

    I will check silicon version and apply new device sample.

    will you give silk over package of aduc7061 to me ?

  • Code example for AD8450 (+ADUC7061)

    Hello all,

    I am software embedded engineer and I am looking for the software drivers for the AD8452.

    Is there already written “Hello World” for this AFE? I suppose, that I need to use an AD8452 and µC ADUC7061. Maybe ADUC7061 and the evaluation boards…