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  • aduc7061

    For the 350 ohm bridge sensor circuit, in the aduc7061 without the use of internal PGA, how to select an external amplifying circuit 300 times?

  • ADuC7061: ADC5

    I want to use ADC0 - ADC5 of ADuC7061 with single-ended-mode.

    Can ADC5 of ADuC7061 be used in the single-ended-mode?

    If it is possible to use it, how to set the control register of ADuC7061?



  • RE: ADC problem about ADUC7061

    Ok, thank you very much.

    you do good job.

    I will check silicon version and apply new device sample.

    will you give silk over package of aduc7061 to me ?

  • ADUC7061 PGA


    I am measuring -27mv voltage through pin ADC0/1(diff mode) and primary ADC.

    when i changing PGA gain from 0-7(G=128), i got result following:

    PGA = 0, uv = -27772 (correct, verified by DMM fluke 15b, -27.3mV, VADC0 = 0.497V, VADC1=0.524V)

  • aduc7061 VIC


    i tried the e.g from this thread


    but i cannot get it work. It did not spring into any Interrupt handler.

    I have two warnings with cstartup.s file Warning[403]: Deprecated form of PSR field specifier…

  • ADuC7061 DAC


    I have a question about DAC of the ADuC7061.

    I am using the DAC in 16bit mode.

    other settings:

    ・BUF enable

    ・Ext Ref

    I measured the non linearity error of the DAC.

    The maximum value of the non linearity error measurement result was ±16 digit…

  • FLASH Poblem of ADUC7061

    Hi, in the datahseet:

    The ADuC7060/ADuC7061 contains a 32 kB array of Flash/EE memory. The lower 30 kB are available to the user and the upper 2 kB contain permanently embedded firmware, allowing in-circuit serial download. These 2 kB of embedded firmware…