• ADuC7061: ADC5

    I want to use ADC0 - ADC5 of ADuC7061 with single-ended-mode.

    Can ADC5 of ADuC7061 be used in the single-ended-mode?

    If it is possible to use it, how to set the control register of ADuC7061?



  • RE: Current consumption

    Are you mean that when you connect the NTRST and RESET pins with GND, the ADuC7061 current is 450mA?

    When the reset pin is connected with GND, the current of ADuC7061 is very low.

    Could you share me the method how you measure the current? If it's possible…

  • aduc7061

    For the 350 ohm bridge sensor circuit, in the aduc7061 without the use of internal PGA, how to select an external amplifying circuit 300 times?

  • RE: ADUC7061 Internal Crystal and ARMSWD


    ADuC7061 has internal oscillator and don't need the external crystal for boot loader mode.

    For the third step, after press the Reset button, you should release it.

    Have you used this method successfully to erase ADuC7061 flash? Have you checked…

  • RE: 关于串口通讯



  • RE: I2CMSTA.I2CMTC bit


    The part is Aduc7061

  • RE: About the Timer2 Clear Register of ADuC7061


    As to the 'successive writes', since ADuC7061 datasheet doesn't mention it, you don't need to consider it.

    If you use the timer2 in ADuC7061 as a watchdog timer, just follow the description in ADuC7061 datasheet.

    If you use the…

  • Difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?

    What is the difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?


    The ADuC7061 is a smaller package (32-lead LFCSP (5 mm × 5 mm)) compared to
    48-lead LQFP and 48-lead LFCSP (ADUC7060). Both part numbers have the same
    performance as outlined in…
  • ADuC7061怎么与Cortex-M3之间用IIC通讯?


         我想实现Cortex-M3与ADuC7061之间用IIC通讯,Cortex-M3用做主机,ADuC7061用做从机 。我要实现收发数据,ADuC7061应该怎样配置呢,思路是什么?

  • RS232串口怎样与ADUC7061系列单片机通讯?

    RS232串口怎样与ADUC7061系列单片机通讯? ADUC7061系列单片机使用2.5v电压,使用串口芯片ADM3202ADM3222能行吗?