• ADUC7060 unable to connect


    I am running a code on a ADUC7060 (I am using IAR Embedded Workbench IDE and a Jtag probe Midas-Link). I wanted to use the method to flash a .bin file with an empty project (to prevent other users to modify the code) following this tutorial:

  • ADuC7060 ADC questions


    We are working on a new thermocouple/RTD measurement device and we've chosen the ADuC7060 to experiment with. We encounter an issue when trying to use both the primary ADC and auxiliary ADC at the same time in continuous mode using interrupt. Here…

  • ADUC7060复位问题




  • ADuC7060/61 Code protection

    Is there a way to protect the FLASH/Code by simply loading it via JTAG  in a production environment (without letting the MCU execute)?

    The protection scheme seems to rely on the CPU writing to registers in the flash control interface; for this to happen…

  • ADC inputs on ADuC7060

    Am analysing a 3rd-party design to try to understand behaviour and to assist in
    rework. The design works very close to (& sometimes under) the 0.1V minimum
    input for buffered ADC inputs. Can you please:
    a) confirm that the VREF+/VREF…
  • ADuC7060 Product life cycle

    Could You help me and officially reply Your statement to my customer question.

    Our customer should commit production - "Product life cycle - 10 years" AT ARM
    web page they found:  Note: The ARM7 processor family (ARM7TDMI(S) and…
  • Difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?

    What is the difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?


    The ADuC7061 is a smaller package (32-lead LFCSP (5 mm × 5 mm)) compared to
    48-lead LQFP and 48-lead LFCSP (ADUC7060). Both part numbers have the same
    performance as outlined in…
  • ADUC7060 RC Input Filter

    I need to sample 3 channels using the primary ADC. I need to refresh the three channels with a 10Hz frequency. I need CHOP. What should be the RC values in the input to reject 60Hz.

  • ADuC7060 Programming Kiel

    The device goes into sleep mode early in the program.  It seems that the JTAG cannot reprogram the device in sleep mode.

    POWCON0 = 0x70 - so bit 4 is low.  When I try to reprogram, I get the message that the "Cannot stop ARM device"

    Is there a…

  • RE: ADuC7060 Scaling ADC1

    The absolute input voltage range on ADuC7060 is VDD – 0.7V. in your application, with 5V excitation the common mode voltage is outside the range.

    You can either reduce the voltage level of the excitation source, or look at a similar product that is more…