• RE: ADuC7060 and RTD_PieceWise_Linearization.zip ?

    Because the AD7124 ic is out of stock. So I still decided to use ADuC7060 to be able to buy goods on digikey or mouser.So I will be happy to help you with both hardware and software.

    "and one more problem when i make(F7) project RTD_PieceWise_Linearization…

  • aduc7060

    如果用JLINK下载程序,不小心点了一下secure chip之后,芯片就处于保护状态下,不能连接到JLINK,也不能用jlink下载程序,擦程序也不行。请问该如何解锁芯片,才能再次下载程序

  • ADUC7060


    ADCLPMCFG [1: 0] = 11 ADC low power plus mode ( low power mode and PGA off ).

    ADCMD [2: 0] = ADC self-gain calibration. Will have any effect?

  • ADuC7060 I2C


    I have a quick question concerning ADuC7060 I2C bus: I'd like to use ADuC7060 as master to communicate with several slaves through I2C bus, the slaves are powered at 3.3 V, SDA and SCL lines are both pulled up to 3.3 V. But since the ADuC7060…

  • ADuC7060 Serial Download


    I've built a prototype using the ADuC7060 and ADM3202 for RS232 communication. I copied the evaluation circuits, but it doesn't work.  The WSD application just sits there waiting for the response from the controller.  I need some help understanding…

  • ADuC7060 Vref question

    I am feeding the analog input with an instrumentation amp the outputs .160Vdc to 1.9Vdc.  I am currently using the external reference vref+ = 2.5Vdc and vref- = gnd.  If I put .160Vdc on vref- and 2Vdc on vref+ will that allow me to use the full range of…

  • ADuC7060 missing file

    I am using the ADuC7060 eval board, and for the IAR UART example, am

    missing the ADuC7060_FLASH_Standalone.icf  linker file.  I tried using the

    ADuC7060.icf file instead, but it results in improper UART operation (doesn't

    respond to interrupts…


    Why does the PLLCON have three selections for "internal 32,768 Hz oscillator" ?

  • Aduc7060 i2c read

    I am try to read data from this mcu ( its i2c slave), but its always answer NACK

    Writing data is doing properly

    Init i2c:

         GP0CON0 = BIT4+BIT12;

        GP0KEY1 = 0x07;

        GP0CON1 = BIT1;   

        GP0KEY2 = 0x13;


            I2CID0 = 0xA0;

            I2CID1 = 0xA0;