• RE: Modbus-RTU and Aduc7060

    ok, how did you ported in Aduc7060? I need watch how it in Aduc7060 - role slave.

  • RE: Debugging for Aduc7060 in Keil

    What version of keil are you using?

    The aduc7060 is supported by keil.

    That error means that you are running code in the simulator and the simulator isn't aware of the aduc7060 peripherals.

  • ADUC7060


    ADCLPMCFG [1: 0] = 11 ADC low power plus mode ( low power mode and PGA off ).

    ADCMD [2: 0] = ADC self-gain calibration. Will have any effect?

  • Suggest for implementing stack overflow

    Hi, please suggest implementing stack overflow (with stack initialization) concept for ADuC7060/61.  I couln't find enough information in ADuC7060 manual.

    Appreciate your suggestions.!

  • RE: ADuC706x output low voltage 0.6V: Datasheet Typo?

    There is a typo in the ADuC7060/61 datasheet.

    The GPIOs on ADuC7060 are identical to the ADuC7020 GPIOs.

    VINL 0.8V max

    VINH 2.0V min

    VOH 2.4V min

    VOL 0.4V max

  • RE: PC based application SPISerial.exe

    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

    We were tring to find the program mentioned in the code, but had trouble.

    SPISerial.exe is actually the same program as i2cserial.exe found in


    To run the…

  • RE: How long can the chip temperature be exceeded before it is damaged

    Hi Daniil,

    Its a fair question.

    The absolute maximum ratings for temperature specify the maximum value up to which no damage will occur to the chip.

    The Max junction temperature specs in the existing ADuC7060 datasheet is taken from a sister product that…