• ADUC7060串口BUG

    环境MDK V4 ,工具JLINK V8






    比如我发送连续发送01 02 03 04这样一帧数,收到的是02 03 04 01,其中02 03 04是上一帧数在缓冲区的缓冲值,01是这一帧数,然后这一帧的02 03 04又被存入缓冲区。

    实际情况是使用modbus协议,[发送]01 04 00 00 00 08…

  • aduc7060 IAP program

    Dear Expert,

    Customer use aduc7060 in project, Can aduc7060 be programmed through IAP(In Application Programming)?

    If yes, can we share  programming example code to customer?

    Thanks a lot!

  • RE: aduc7060 仿真问题


  • ADuC7060 GPIO as I2C

    Are there any examples of how I can use the GPIO pins on the ADuC7060 as a software I2C interface. I would like to connect an SHT31 via it. I can't use the hardware I2C interface for this because the corresponding pins are not available in terms of circuitry…

  • Max baudrate on ADuC7060

    We are evaluating the ADUC7060 and we need to know if this can handle BAUD
    rates above 115200? We have tried setting the following to achieve 230400

    DL = 0x1 
    N = 796 

    ... but it does not work: we stripped down the code to run the TX…

  • ADuC7060 Product life cycle

    Could You help me and officially reply Your statement to my customer question.

    Our customer should commit production - "Product life cycle - 10 years" AT ARM
    web page they found:  Note: The ARM7 processor family (ARM7TDMI(S) and

  • ADC inputs on ADuC7060

    Am analysing a 3rd-party design to try to understand behaviour and to assist in
    rework. The design works very close to (& sometimes under) the 0.1V minimum
    input for buffered ADC inputs. Can you please:
    a) confirm that the VREF+/VREF- inputs…

  • Difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?

    What is the difference between ADUC7060 and ADUC7061?


    The ADuC7061 is a smaller package (32-lead LFCSP (5 mm × 5 mm)) compared to
    48-lead LQFP and 48-lead LFCSP (ADUC7060). Both part numbers have the same
    performance as outlined in their…

  • ADuC7060 and RTD_PieceWise_Linearization.zip ?

    I want to design 4 four wire type RTD inputs on an ADuC7060. Show me the method to design the hardware and configure the software in the example RTD_PieceWise_Linearization.zip to work with four four-wire type RTD inputs like the example in document AN…