• FEEPRO code on ADuC7039 Eval board


    I used FEEPRO code on my ADuC 7039 eval-board.

    Then I can't load code on my board anymore.

    I think all memorys are protected by FEEPRO code.

    I used FEEPRO = 0xF0000 ;

    How can I solve this problem?

  • Inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description

    Hello, all

    Now we have inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description from our customer.

    Please refer to the comment below, and feedback us with your comment.

    On Table 1. of datasheet page 4, the Total Gain Error for Voltage Channel is defined…

  • We need sample code of the battery sensing for ADuC7039.

    Hi Sir,

    We need sample code of the battery sensing for ADuC7039.

    Because we saw the ADuC7039 is battery sensing/management for automotive systems.

    So we need the sample code that will speed our design process.


  • 关于ADUC7039光盘资料



  • Flash/EE memory programming via LIN-protocol6 for ADuc7039

    dear sir,

    I am trying to flash code in aduc7039 through LIN using AN946 application,  with MCV combi dongle kit using  LINBWSD.EXE software application.

    the software LINBWSD.exe is showing status as programed successfully (no errors) but after i reset…

  • ADuC7039 - the difference of SPICON.4 and SPICON.9


    I would like to share my problem related to setup of SPI communications with ADuC7039.

    The biggest difficulty for me was to find a proper setup of MISO output enable bits.

    I think that description of SPICON register bits in datasheet is incomplete…

  • RE: Measuring the Current Through sigma delta ADC in ADUc7039

    Dear Sir,

    I am trying to establish LIN communication in ADUc7039. I have desined LIN master and was able to communicate in ADuc7033 but not able to communicate in ADUc7039 can u please help in in this regards.

    In how to configure ADUc7039 as slave and…

  • AD Sampling of ADuc7039 Chip Needs External Reset,how to solve it?

    When I using ADUC7039, Iam found that the system needs external reset after power Down or restart, otherwise the sampling voltage acquisition is incorrect.

    By observing that the AD sampling voltage acquisition is twice the correct value, (For example…

  • ADuC7039单片机进入休眠JTAG无法下载程序