• Inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description

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    Now we have inquiry regrading ADuC7039 Total Gain Error description from our customer.

    Please refer to the comment below, and feedback us with your comment.

    On Table 1. of datasheet page 4, the Total Gain Error for Voltage Channel is defined…

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    Hi Manoj,

    You can follow the exampled code from your installation folder for ADuC7xxx. ADuC7121 has a good example for ADC measurement, you can start from there and use to correct MMR writes to configure the ADC, References, and ADC Inputs, etc.


  • ADuC7039

    Dear sir,

    Pl tell me how to read the voltage, current and temperature values from ADuC7039.


    Manoj Hiwarkar

    Embedded Engineer,

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  • AD Sampling of ADuc7039 Chip Needs External Reset,how to solve it?

    When I using ADUC7039, Iam found that the system needs external reset after power Down or restart, otherwise the sampling voltage acquisition is incorrect.

    By observing that the AD sampling voltage acquisition is twice the correct value, (For example…

  • RE: Cannot Load Flash Programming Algorithm ADuC7039

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  • How to download a program to ADuC7039?

    Hi,Can I download program to ADuC7039 in Keil5 through J-link in SWD mode?

  • aduc7039 上电需要外部复位,否则AD电压采样不正确

    在使用ADUC7039过程中发现 系统断电重启后需要外部复位ADUC7039 否则采样电压采集不正确,


    //ADC0CON = 0x0001; // disable I-ADC, twos complement, gain=2
    ADC1CON = 0x8200; // enable V-ADC & T-ADC, select V-ADC, uniplolar coding, internal Temp sen…

  • RE: 关于ADUC7039光盘资料