• RE: ADuC7036 Low Power Comsumtion Program.

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  • Regarding ADuC7036 SYSCHK


    Description about SYSCHK from ADuC7036 is captured and copied below.

    When I checked value in SYSCHK, all parts have different checksome.

    1. I wonder why each ADuC7036 has a different checksome.

    2. What is the section used to calculate checksome…

  • ADuC7036 :How definition of specifications of the offset error?

    I extracted "Offset Error" specification from ADuC7036 datasheet as below.

    Offset Error 1, 3 Chop on, normal mode +0.5(min) −1.25(typ) −3(max) μV

    note 1:These numbers are not production tested but are guaranteed by design and/or characterization…

  • ADuC7036, What type of LIN pin?

    Hi, all

    Characteristics of LIN1.3 specification has been described in page 8 of the ADuC7036 data sheet.

    And two kinds of "Constant slew rate transceiver" type and "Constant slope time transceiver" type transceivers are specified to Table10.3 of the…

  • ADuC7036 : How to Adjustment of internal reference?

    Hi all.

    Adjustment of the internal reference implemented in ADuC7036 possible?

    If possible, please inform the adjustment method.


    Best regards.


  • How can I choice your SPICE model for ADuC7036 input part?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are tring to simulate with our SPICE for ADuC7036 analog input part.

    But I could not find model for ADuC7036 into folloing zip file.


    As for your analog…

  • Please Tell me Advice. [ADuC7036 Flash using method]

    Hi my name charlie.

    I use ADuC7036, but I'm a fresh man ARM and uVISION(Keil). My program skill is also low.

    I need program for save some data into FLASH/EE ROM in ADuC7036.

    but I can't find how to set range Program Operaing and Saving Data.…

  • RE: ADuC7039 , SPI Timing Specifications


    the ADuC7039 derived from the ADuC7036, hence the SPI are to my knowledge the same.
    The SPI timing diagrams shown in the ADuC7036 datasheet can be used as reference for the ADuC7039 SPI interface.



  • RE: How to Read from 4kB Flash Data of ADuCM330

    Hello Holger!

    I have studied almost all the portion of hardware Reference Manual about Flash but can not understand the concept of Reading from it. We used ADuC7036 before and in that MCU there is a specific register "FEE0CON" which has the options of…

  • ADuC703x: What is the minimum width of an external Reset Pulse?

    Hi all.

    I was looking for a specification of the minimum pulse width of the external reset of ADuC7036 and ADuC7039.

    However, I could not find.

    What is the minimum width of an external Reset Pulse?

    Best Regards